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Discussion in 'REME' started by sutabycer, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. having received a posting order to a unit in bielefeld i applied for a quarter some three months before my TOS date, only to be told there are no available quarters and i will need to move in to the Mess. i then phoned the Mess who informed me they had no rooms available, and i may have to move in to the JNCO accommodation what a joke!!, why are MCM Div posting REME tradesman to unit where there is no accommodation, I hope DEME(A) reads this and has an answer for my wife and children who don't have a clue when they may be joining me, another career well managed by MCM Div!!!
  2. One thing - tell them to stick their room inspection ip their arrse :)
  3. Not sure that MCM Div have eyes on accommodation, only PIDs that need filling.

    It's a gaining unit's QM/Families Officer issue, not records.
  4. Seems you are a senior rank, hope you are posted to us as I could do with a wing man just now,sorry to hear the wife and kids wont be arriving with the MFO!!
  5. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    I was posted there in 1993.

    There were neither MQs nor rooms in the officers mess.

    I spent 3 months in a hotel room, hiking the mile down the road for all 3 meals

    Just so you know you're in good company :D

    Well - my company, at any rate . :wink:
  6. Its got nothing to do with MCM Div. You're a senior and you don't realise that?!

    Get down your current admin office and see what your options are ref private hirings or FSA.
  7. MCM Div (career mismanagement) are useless in every Corps, but as the other posters have said, accommodation isn't their issue, it lies with the unit.

    Your best bet is to get down the Keller bar and get the beers in! :wink:
  8. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    That was pretty much my solution, circa 1992 :D

    (p.s. Watch out for the bielefeld nudist ! )
  9. with regards to sparky8 comments, you don't get private renting in Germany any more it's in the amendment JSP, and my comments ref MCM Div i shall explain, have you been on a MCM Div road show in the last few months, well you may have been to the JNCO one, so i'll let you into what was on the big boys brief. the Corps needs come first with regards to posting but families needs a very close second, so as a family i need a quarter however there is none, so this brings me back to my point, you would of thought that MCM Div would be aware of the situation in Bielelfeld, currently we have soldiers serving in Bielefeld and there Family like mine in the UK with no time frame of when there will be a housed. also HCSO are responsible for housing not units, one question i would like an answer to is, how many people have a quarter in Bielefeld and they working elsewhere. Maybe is about time the teachers found other arrangements or bring back private renting.
  10. Phone Guetersloh and or Herford, they will know. cough.
  11. I can offer you a nice flat in Gutersloh