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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Slow n Old, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. I am about to be posted to the Local ATU after 20 years at the same location. The CO, RSM and OC are all keen I go as quickly as possible. Is there any other way of seeing this apart from. " You're dead wood now F**k of and let someone else take your place ". Cheers SnO
  2. Yes, you're now an enabler......... Seriously though, what role would you be fulfilling? Think of it as passing your knowledge onto the next generation and the army making the most of your skill set

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  3. I would have thought 20 years at the same location would be your main concern, not the chance to do something different with youngsters who are dead keen to learn.

    Fulfilling times ahead!
  4. Fair one at being at the same location for so long I always throught that this was a sign of being useful and not looking at it in the way that as you go through the ranks its normal to have at least 1 outside posting. I have worked at the ATU for the last year as a VI so I am up for it I just don't like the idea of not having a drill night any more and not seeing the guys that I have trained move up through the ranks and moblise.

  5. ATU's have now changed. With FR2020 and the increase of recruits this really is one of the places to be now. Look at it as a chance to go back to basics and hone your basic military skills and as another reply mentioned, a chance to put something back into the system.
    ATU's should be filled with young upcoming Cpls though who reflect the modern army and gives them a chance in a training establishment midway through their career. Week after week they will be teaching which most cpls don't have a chance back at their units. This post should only be for a 3 year posting though and then back to your unit.
    In response to the question though, the army is changing - move with it or not. Buy into your new job (the cpls still need SNCO) enjoy it and then take something back to your unit.
  6. The Army is all about postings, moving around, working with different people.
    Maybe the TA needs to change? I find the drill night chats and the lack of a rank structure mates a bad thing in the TA. Still reminds me of cold war weekend warriors. Lets become more professional and lets do our job which we get paid for. (which i see the newer younger guys want to do)
    I'm not having a go at you Slow n Bold I was just saying my 2 pennys worth, so please don't take offence!
  7. No offence taken. Harder skin than that. In my limited world the TA SNCO hardly ever moved around if they wanted to make CSM. Those that have gone were either pushed out by the OC or they had made CSM and had no choice but to be CSM at another location.

    The Guys working at the ATU were almost always VI and as such didn't formally leave either.

    Jobs change for sure but not the Company.

    I hope I am the start of our Battilons new look at e-postings and will enjoy my two years at the ATU.
  8. How come you aren't able to take part in drill nights?
  9. I don't realy know the answer.

    But as I'm transfering my cost - pay will be under the ATU budget which doesn't have a drill night. OC happy for me to turn up as long as ATU pay the bill.

    Not sure how this would work as no Audit of my attendace would be created.

    If someone is in the same boat or knows the answer then that would be great.

    Cheers SnO
  10. After 20 years a sudden move, I would have thought planning what to do with your spare time might be an option to be considered soon.
  11. No, thats the Regular Army. The T in TA stands for Territorial. Try telling a Rifleman from West Ham that he's being posted to Swindon ( all within he same Bn) and all that will happen is that you'll lose a Rifleman.

    Sounds like your unit needs a strong CoC. Lack of rank structure - seriously??

    Serious question - are you a TA soldier? If you are, your unit sounds to be lacking in something. Most of the blokes in my unit that have been in over about 18 months have either done an Op tour, or have just been mobilised for one.

    Sounds to me like the issue is with your unit, not the wider TA.
  12. ATUs do not have a Drill Night. Thats part of the deal for agreeing to do two weekends a month; the other bit being no need for a ATP.

    Somehow I don't think an ATU PSAO would pay for SnO to rock up at a TAC parade.
  13. Fair one, so can you still rock up under your own free will? Forgive the (potentially) stupid questions, all the 'behind the scenes' stuff is still quite new to me!
  14. Turning up at our parent unit drill nights is something that our ATU is trying to encourage again, it helps continuity with recruits and keeps you in your units mind, notice the again, they binned it a while back due to MTDs

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  15. ^ but taht can be doine by VIs, assuming the also turn up at TACs...