Posted To 7 Armd Bde.

I'm posted to to the above mentioned in July, anyone one care to share their Positives and negatives of Hohne.

What's the deal with getting Sky, broadband, and telephones?

PUMA - new accom being built - there are already 5 new blocks up and open.

Get a car, and explore - Hannover 30 mins away, Hamburg one hours drive.
2 1/2 hrs drive = denmark, or berlin in the opposite direction.

free swimming pool on yer door step - what more could you ask for.

oh, nearly forgot - Pay as you starve

Broadband - go to the roundhouse (big old german build on camp) and chat to Toby, he owns 'the source' and he'll sort out your phone needs (including mobile)


The pay as you dine hasn't exactly been a huge success..

Where will you be living? SLA, a quarter, or one of the messes? They all tend to vary, but hohne's not as bad as many folk make out. It's what you get up to whilst you're there that counts. Berlin's only 2 and a half hourse away for goodness sake!

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