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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by soldier_x, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,
    Im posted to 4 Mech Bde in the next couple of months and just trying to get some info if there is any big exercises or tours planned in the next 12 months.

    I have tried looking on ArmyNET but it says I dont have permission to look at the info!

    Any details at all would be great.


  2. Have you tried HERE?
  3. Thanx for the link but when I look at the 204 Sig Sqn link I can see the main history page but when I click on any of the troops names I get this error message...

    You don't have permission to access /club/ on this server.


    Apache Server at Port 443

  4. Soldier-x,

    You should not expect anyone on here to publish operational tour details...........why don't you ask your C2 to advise you??

  5. If it is all official and you have a posting order in hand, then why not contact the unit?

    Traditional, perhaps old fashioned, but this is a tried and trusted method for most people.

    Regardless of rank, a letter to say you are coming, when and all that jazz is often appreciated. I still have my letter from joining one particular unit, hand written by the OC, which included the immortal phrase "you may already know that we are deploying to......., if not treat this as your warning order, you're coming too". Or words to that effect. I was a mere Cpl at the time.

    Or just phone up the clks, or get your CoC to make contact and ask on your behalf.
  6. Im currently posted at 204 if you would like any information please message me and i can fill you in on anything .

  7. There is quite a bit planned but here is not the place to discuss it!!! I will see you there!!!
  8. Seems like Im gonna have to put pen to paper and write a letter, although the last 2 I wrote for postings were either just ignored or never got there!!!

  9. Well Im most of the way through writing my letter and I need to know the current OC Sqn's name, just wondering if anyone can PM me it please.


  10. The 204 Sig Sqn website is still being updated hence why some of the links are not functional. The new troop pages will be added in the soon. The links on the left navigation page should still work though.
  11. She has not yet taken post! PM me for details!