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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by DragonScales, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Anybody currently there that can shed some light for me? I'm looking for info on the area I'm quartered in and the Sqn I'm posted to.
    Will give exact details via pm but would also like some info on Family activities, shopping and general advice on the area in and around Bulford Village.

    Many thanks.
  2. Got mates there. The word is work is good, qtrs are tiny, but not to bad and you have to travel to do anything.

    I've been there (to visit), Bulford Village is t0ss.
  3. I figured the quarters would be a come down after spending so many years in Germany but I've utilised the skips well so hoping that won't be a problem.
    I've google earthed the quarter area and can't see one play park for the kids so that's a bit disappointing. Hopefully it's just my old eyes not noticing the parks on every corner.
    I would still like to hear from somebody currently serving there at present. Sounds shit, but I find people are usually more open behind an anonymous name.
  4. One of the lads who moved from Germany had to have his furniture passed in through his sitting room window as the doors were so small!

    By all accounts, the qtrs on camp are the better ones, (althought I'm happy to be corrected).

    As I said, they all enjoy work, just the location is sh1te.
  5. It all depends on which estate you're put in.

    If you get Tidworth then you'll probably be in a new build. If you get on either the Irish or Canadian estates you'll be in a shit hole - but they are due to be refurbed "soon".

    The Australian estates are OK but inside the wire so access for guests involves jumping through the usual hops.

    Amesbury has a huge Lidl for that taste of Germany and there is a big Tescos in Tidworth. Shopping wise apart from that you've a choice between Salisbury (8miles) and Andover (13).

    Anything more specific?
  6. That should lift his spirits HTB!!
  7. Salisbury is paradise compared to where I've just moved from! Went to Bulford recently for work & the only thing which bugged me was the fact that the Saxon Warrior is now a family fun pub.........
    (Last time I went in there the furniture was screwed to the floor) 8O 8O 8O . Still there are a lot worse places to be posted in UK than Bulford, although I agree the village leaves a lot to be desired. Don't venture anywhere south of the A30 unless you're into incest (even the locals say that) :wink:
  8. I try nil :wink:
  9. bulford camp does have a couple of good curry houses something that i do miss being over here in germany as i lived 5 mins walk away from both of them
  10. i have been to 3Div,i loved it.
    yeah the qtrs are small but depends how much you wanna take and how many kids you have.
    work is good if you enjoy exercise`s every few weeks, the stickys "nightclub" and i use that term very loosley is dog s**t , its not called stickys for no reason is it. Bournemouth is about 40 miles away which is nice for the beach.
    3 Div is a good posting but the area it is in is not that good.
    Enjoy Salisbury plain :)