Posted to 28 Engineers in Hameln

Discussion in 'REME' started by TRIPTYCH, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. :D Does anyone have any info on 28, the LAD, the Artisan Staffy slot, and also the quarters, cheers guys.
  2. Came off the board then congrats, but no info sorry mate.
  3. Yes i did, cheers anyway mate.
  4. 28, awesome posting. Workshop is in separate location to Regt, great place to work from. Not sure about quarters as was singly when there, but the town is brilliant, and half hour on train from hanover city centre for all those mrs trip-t shopping trips. Plenty of pubs to go round, one tends to be the REME pub whilst the sappers go elsewhere. Surrounding area great for phys, bike rides etc.
  5. Check your PM's
  6. Used to work in 23 Amph. Not a bad word to say about it, except if your pretty unfit, get fit. Back in 97 we only had 1 senior rank pass the CFT from the LAD. The social life was fantastic. The quaters were not up to much but I'm sure the have changed by now. Say hello to Herr Helidink. :D
  7. loads of phys it rocks!
    club 29 ohh yeah!