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Discussion in 'RLC' started by meagain11, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. I am posted to 27 TLR early next year and was wondering if anyone knows what the accm is like in the mess. It'll be my first time posted to Aldershot, can anyone tell me what the regiment is like? I've heard the area has changed quite a lot lately too.

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  2. Mess is brand new so you will pay through the nose. Tiffany's in town is still worth a visit so I hear.

    Your Bde HQ has gone downhill since the old MD left but the new one has got better norks!
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  3. The Mess is ok from singly point of view. Rooms, think Travelodge stylee, with associated cost. Food is ok most of time. Not a "busy" Mess but it's made up of about 4 Units but at mealtimes there can sometimes be only 15 to 20 of us eating.

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  4. I think his biggest problem will be making sure that bird with all the tatts doesnt touch his "special place".................
  5. I think 27 are going to Bicester when the Pie eaters move on