Posted to 251, 10 Sigs

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Running_Water, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Just found out I'm going there later on this year, anyone there now? I have absolutely no idea what exactly they do, what the Sqn is like or what living in Aldershot is like. Any pointers would be much appreciated.
  2. What trade are you??? And are you married or single ??
  3. Got all the making of a good unit with good kit and in a fit for purpose location. I visited recently.

    Go there, give it some effort and make the most of it - there will always be those that don't...don't be one of these.
  4. Thanks for that, any idea how busy they are - exercises, deployments etc. Hear they are trialling some new kit but no idea what it is. Just trying to form an idea of how busy I'm going to be and the benefits of being at the unit.
  5. Have a look at the 2 (NC) Sig Bde website (via the land site on RLI), your new boss did a presentation on 10 Sigs restructing it should answer some questions. Also the TA forum might answer some of your questions.
  6. Thanks for that but I don't actually have access to RLI. I'm slightly confused - I know that the regiment is spread over multiple geographic locations but I thought that it was made up of regular troops. I take it I'm wrong then? Can you tell me what exactly 251's role is?
  7. Not on this forum matey if you want any info please feel free to PM me and I should be able to provide you with some gen
  8. If you are going there - and are holding a posting order in your sticky mit - then why not try the old fashioned approach of sending your Formal letter to the Sqn Commander introducing yourself :!: :!: :!:

    You would probably then be contacted by someone at the Squadron offering you the opportunity to have all your questions answered by people who are in the know

    Your new Tp Comd may write to you :?:

    You may be sent an intro pack that answers the questions you have not even thought of yet :!:
  9. You have a fair point there but as I'm not posted for another 6 months and have absolutely no idea about what it is they do, I thought it would be good to get some basic information just so that I didn't appear to be totally ignorant when I finally got round to writing my formal letter. I'm not expecting anyone to compromise OPSEC with a full on briefing just a vagueish idea of what it is the regt/sqn do, what the offrs/seniors are like (nothing too specific, I'll be making my own mind up!) and maybe a bit on life in Aldershot for a singlie.
  10. A quick phone call to the clerk and have ask where you will be put, then start there.

    Even 6 months prior you can send a letter. Why wait till last minute .com. You may even get a visit in before you arrive, so you can have a recce, how big is the room/qtrs, what is it like. etc, etc.
  11. You may be doing a similar job to what the TA ICS Ops of 2 Sig Bde are doing at shorter NTM.