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Hopefully we'll all manage not to stray off subject on this one.... (too much!)


First posting to Germany/abroad so any helpful comments, information or details about the place would be fantastic...

Heard its a good there, am a pad so any (recent!) info on the camp, married 1/4's and all good stuff like that would be much appreciated. Cheers guys. :donut:
You have 2 Qtr areas: On camp or in Wildenrath approx 12 miles away. Both patches have plus points and minus points.

Better size houses.
All ranks family club.
Recently refurbed naafi.
Good Schools, creche facility.
limited clubs for teens.
Outdoor pool.
Wife swapping!!(apparently)

Bowling alley.
Outdoor Pool.
Small amenities centre
Smaller qtrs recently refurbed.
No all ranks bar!
runway to run around!
Youth centre.
wife swapping!(apparently)

If you find out if you are getting a qtr in Wildenrath PM me, i am leaving after 6 yrs!
Fantastic posting... would be more than happy to answer any questions/queries you have on the posting..Each and every posting is only as good as you want too make it
I'd watch out for the QM, in fact both of them now I come to think about it....

And at least the CO is off soon. Make the most of the LOA while you can.
So which would you say was the best option? on camp or off for pads? no kids (yet) so not worried about anything to do with them.

What about the rest of the camp? pubs? price of a pint? price of petrol? shopping? etc!!!
Fuel - Once your car is registered in Germany you can get fuel coupons which last time i got some were €5.50 for 10 litres of standard unleaded (called super). You also get a free Tax disk although you do have to change your plates when you get out there (they'll still be British style just different letters/numbers on them)
Ok, here is my tuppence,

Living on Jav Bks can be good or bad, it all depends on neighbours and how much they stick their nose into your life. Some parts of camp can be very clicky and personally I hate mixing work with home time which can be difficult when you live next door to the people you work with. wildrenrath I have heard is a bit better, but I cant see how as it is all 7 or 16 Sigs. Unfortunately they closed Bracht which was a great little town and away from it. Suggest you go for a PUMA house (modernised) as some of the houses are a bit run-down. Living on camp can also be better if you only have 1 car or if the missus don't drive.
No one seems to have mentioned that Elmpt is in the middle of sodding no where.

How much does it cost to get to Muenchengladbach or Duesseldorf for a decent night out, or do you all go across the border?

I have to drive past the camp quite often and every time I do I give thanks that I was never posted there.
bullshit said:
wildrenrath I have heard is a bit better, but I cant see how as it is all 7 or 16 Sigs. Living on camp can also be better if you only have 1 car or if the missus don't drive.
Its not all 7 or 16 in Wildenrath! There are quite a number of folk from JHQ who have qtrs on Wildenrath.

There is a regular minibus service which runs from Wildenrath to JHQ and to Elmpt if your missus does not drive. One of the fortunate things about living off camp is not having w@nkered singlies on the weekend marching past your house in the early hours, dropping off there pizza boxes on your doorstep! - Also you have to get off your arrse and venture out instead of sitting in the qtrs at weekends. Taxi to Monchengladbach from Wildenrath is about 30 euros 1 way.Not a bad night out - however there are some quality local pubs in Wildenrath village if you want to get away from squaddies and there wives!!
I've had a great couplel of years living in Wildenrath, it is a bit of a hike to get into Monchengladbach town but it has some excellent facilities. AlFinn was right you can make every posting a good posting because you get out of it what you put in. Reormond is just over the border and that to has some excellent facilities.

Sadly the only good pub in Wildenrath village doubles up as the local whore house... but they do serve a good pint.... apparently so my mate told me... hey ridders... you know who you are
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