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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ironrations, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. Just found out I'm posted to 14. So whats the gen on renting locally,(been turned down for a 1/4). Is there a training wing and so on. Any info would be apprciated.

  2. Sorry, but i can't answer any of your questions but can i be the first to say UNLUCKY :D
  3. Yes there is a training wing.

    As for renting locally, why have you been turned down for a quarter?
    H'west is the biggest town within a reasonable distance but I have no idea about prices.
    If you go the other way, the towns are very small. Apart from that, Milford Haven is the only decent option.

    If yer really stuck, just pick up a slapper in RJ's on a Thursday night and see if you can bunk up with
    her for the duration....
  4. Maricat3 so low down on the list, but got a serious partner(serious as in she never smiles) and we are looking for our 1st place.
  5. S'alright, you'll probably find someone for her in RJ's as well :)
  6. Ha ha.. treat yourself!!

    Am currently lucky enough to be at the lovely Welsh place... RJ's is now Matisse, although Minnies is the place to be! (Apparently!)

    In answer to your questions.. Yes there is a training wing and no idea about renting locally, sorry!

    Ask me any questions you have (PM or on here) and I'll do my best to answer them..
  7. Know a lot of lads who rent locally. not a drama as long as you have permission off the OC Squadron. As for prices i will ask ma mates
  8. As above, there is a training wing, but why have you been turned down for a quarter?
  9. I was told by DHE that theres no chance of getting one as I dont have my child for x number of days a year. I would have her for x number of days a year if I had a 1/4 though.

    Whats the gym and other facilities like? Are all the techie types centrally held or are most out in the squadrons? Is it still a 4(ish) day week?
  10. The gym is quite small but has the basic facilities. There is a bar run by the NAAFI on camp although it is not open at weekends unless there is a big sporting event going on.

    As far as I know, techs do a certain amount of time in TM troop before then being filtered into each of the other squadrons.

    Yes, it's still a four day week - probably one of the best parts about 14 Sigs!
  11. theres lovely boyo!
  12. Any good IS jobs there?
  13. My mate got posted out about six months ago and loved it so much he's trying to get back.
  14. 14 Sigs!!!!!
    Having spent over half my career at Osnabrucke and Brawdy I can honestly say that it has been an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life. If it wasn't for those magnificent men in the secure building I think life would have been dull, dreary and un-entertaining.
    HOORAH for Ops. All 13 years of them.