posted to 102 log bde

I was wondering if anyone had any info on the sig sqn there, if there going on tour this year or next, and what qtr areas are the best

any help would be much appriciated, :?
Prepare yourself for depression. I am afraid I have no positive points on this posting. If anyone does please enlighten me.
sroll through threads looking for said sig sqn there you will find a 2 year thread. this is where i leave you to ponder, as i chose not to publicise my opinions (good or bad) about the place.
Escaped from SlowGutter back in January...

Awesome accomodation for junior singlies, en suite, the works. Most pads are about three miles from camp (I forget the name of the estate), with some a bit further out on the way to Bielefeld. Pads are a bit "council" really, depending on your rank. Be prepared to be appalled at the filthy antics of some of the Logistics (three fecking regiments of 'em!) wives living around you while their hubbies are on tour... "while the cat's away", etc.

As for tours... OPSEC applies here but from what I heard last week, don't unpack too quickly unless you're a biff. Or a clerk. Which is pretty much the same thing there.

Unfortunately, work at this establishment entails being whipping boys and dogsbodies for the Bde HQ, and not much else. Treat yourself.
get out, dont go there, it's all kn*b heads in charge, they will take ur life away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you will be depressed by the time u leave, you basically spend ur time wiping the bde staffs arses and the sqn snco's and officers will do anything to make ur life a missery

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