Posted this in the medals forum, but as its TA experience I'm looking for

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wellyhead, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. A slightly strange but very probable issue some may of came across ref QGJM

    Ok this question is in fact about the QDJM not QGJM, but usng the qualifing critetia I wondered if anyone has seen anything similar.

    The issue is this, come 6 Feb 2012 I will have been a signed up member of the TA for 5yrs, however as I joined after April I haven't have received by 5yr bounty, so according to the criteria I will have 4 annual bounty earning training years. However I was a regular soldier for 12yrs prior to joining th TA, but there was a 6 yr gap between leaving the regs and joining the TA.

    Nowreading the criteria for the QGJM it says

    "The total of five annual bounty earning training years may be aggregated but non-bounty earning training years or broken service will not count. However, there is no limit on the amount of non-bounty earning training years or broken service as long as the correct overall total of five annual bounty earning training years is fully accounted for"

    Now my question is would any of my previous regular service be taken into count ? I remember reading that up to 2 1/2 years of reg service could be taken over towards qualification of the VRSM, however when I joined up I was told there was too long a gap between leavng the regs and joining the TA for that to count.

    So am I screwed for recognition of service over paerwork, or has the clerks got it wrong ?


    PS yes I know its a chocolate medal, yes I know its bling but its a pain standing in the mess with the same amount of gongage as most but most of theres is time served.
  2. Nobody tell him.
  3. As MSR would say "ask your PSI" or as Bravo Bravo would say "steal his medals" :)
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  4. Don't think the PSI was in long enough to qualify last time round, fricking nig
  5. Similar question, how does mobilised service work in the equation?
  6. Simple answer: No decision has yet been made as to whether the criteria will be the same as for the QGJM.

    (edited due to being a mong)
  7. Good point, premature as usual.
  8. Who said we were getting a medal anyway ?
  9. Right on the VRSM thing - over three year break and the clock gets reset. However, the QGJM was a different kettle of ball games and as I understand it service in any of the qualifying services get aggregated regardless of any breaks/gaps.

    So if the criteria for the QDJM are along the same lines as the QGJM I would say that you're quids in - unless of course you don't get an efficiency certificate this year.

  10. Polar69 see the link in post #9.

    Wellyhead did you read the bit that said "...and an announcement will be made shortly."?
  11. It is irrelevant for this issue as opposed to the Efficiency Medal/Decoration.*

    *Yes, I know it isn't called that anymore. I simply chose to ignore the issue.
  12. Major reason for staying in ...... ha ha
  13. Since I never got my Golden Jubbly medal (Im not bitter honest) I would like this one, it would complement my "Battle of Sennybridge " medal perfectly.