Posted T SHIRTS got yours topic

T-Shirt arrived in post this morning, sporting it now! :D

Nice one Beebs xxx Fantastic effort with money raised for GPR Fund.

MBE well earned! :D
I've not seen the T shirt, but I believe the only fitting way to reveal it to the world is for BBC to model it...

Soaked in K-Y jelly :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
bernoulli said:
Where's mine? this is isn't the first time you've burnt me, BBC. You will be sadder and wiser by the time the sun rises tomorrow. Think on... :evil:
I'm shocked anyone has arrived, i only posted them on Saturday afternoon after the Post Office closed!

Beebs x


Mine arrived too, though like a dumb fecker I posted my acknowledgement/thanks on the 'ARRSE Things' t-shirt thread. Very tasteful: I'm looking forward to being sick down mine in the early hours of 5 Dec.

Thanks Beebs - good job. :D
Got mine this morning BBC. Blokes at the station very impressed :wink:

If I don't see you before, happy Christmas all !

PS - MDN, I always knew you were a big softy really :p
I got mine yesterday morning, just as I was leaving the house...

Those instructions were clearly not written for those of us who open and read the morning post while driving to work :oops:

V impressive speed of delivery I must say - Beebs must have the Royal Mail scared 8O :wink:

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