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Housing - Form E whatever completed - do they ever read the three area options?

Removals - Got the paperwork from Whites removals and amongst the pile of papers of do's and wont's is something about insurance! WTF i thought reading the disclaimer from the company

If WE (that is Whites removals) damage, break or lose any of your kit whilst in transit, you will have to claim off of your own insurance? If you do claim it may increase your insurance premiums!

What the hell is this? Asking someone at work i was told that they (thats Whites) will refuse to take your kit if you do not sign this piece of paper giving them the right to break, damage or lose your kit whilst in their possession.

Do we have the right to say up yours and not sign this paperwork and they will still take it, or is this now the normal with removals. I am only asking as haven’t moved for a few years and i'm sure this wasn’t around then. Is this the MOD skimping on contracts again?
The UKRS provides no insurance cover, it's done at your risk. I assume you could start a civil case against the movers on grounds of negligence, but you would have to do all the work and you will have signed the Unaccom Baggage form certifying you are aware it is not insured. I believe the movers' liability is for things like losing the entire wagon in a fire rather than breakages.

I always contact my insurers to

a. Give my new address and
b. To get them to confirm my goods are covered in transit.

I vaguely recall that an element of disturbance allowance is for any additional insurance premiums.

Detail in here, note especially the business about movement by sea freight (I remember a container ship suffering major damage with soldiers' uninsured gear in):
As what Brotherton lad said, always make sure you tell your own insurer your moving prior to the move, in the 12 moves Ive had its never increased the premium but if i hadnt made them aware I wouldn't of been able to claim if I had needed to. I do know of a number of people who have had furniture smashed due to incompetant chimps then get fucked off by the removals firm as they will do everything in their power to say it was already damaged or wasnt there fault.
Be careful though if Whites offer or recommend an insurance scheme (if they still do) on one of our moves the premium would have been over 500 pounds (cant find the pounds symbol on this laptop) more than our normal insurance with included removals insurance. Luckily I have never had to claim on insurance for damage to anything in 30 years with one more move to go, long may it continue.
Just spoke to my lot and I'm covered. (And I'll get a refund as I'm moving back to the hole that is the UK).
Just spoke to my lot and I'm covered. (And I'll get a refund as I'm moving back to the hole that is the UK).
Heid we all know your a sweaty Sock who owns **** all anyway , when you get back to UK give me a call
I have not had to move using MoD approved Removers for a long time but I have moved a number of times since with Removers in the Civil Service.

I inform my own insurance company of the intented move and ask if they have a prefered Remover, normally the big boys including some who do moves for HM Armed Forces.

Ask the selected Remover for the details of their business insurance provider i.e. name of company, contact details, etc. Phone named company to see if they exist, are insuring said Removers, limits of liability etc.

If info is not supplied by removers, I look for another company. (They need your money more than you need thier services).

Pay the deposit by CREDIT CARD, (over £100) , then you have the protection of Section 75 of the Credit Card Act.

I do not know if the disclaimer that Whites use is legal; Restricted Practices? But should be challenable in the Small Claims Court if things go base over apex. (Or next to the disclaimer when you sign it; Write signed under protest and durest as this is the only company contracted to MoD (or similar).

I did claim off one MoD contractor via my own insurance company in the 80's, with no increase in premiums as my insurance company claimed off the Removers business insurance.

I was not popular with the Removers and received phoney legal type paper work from them stating that they would counter claim, all passed to my insurance company to sort out.

Of course if you are able, hire a van and do it yourself, and if you advise your own insurance company prior to moving (they may add a fee for the goods in transit), your belongings are still covered.

There was a thread a while back concerning one of the Removers based in the Salibury area who damaged an ARRSERS items.

A number of ex RCT/RLC drivers work for Whites, I don't know if that is good or bad.

(Get the name of the driver and his mate and if it all goes tits up, hunt them down on the Garrisons and batter them - prehaps this statement should have been put in the NAAFI section).
i always made usre my contents insurance had removals and storage and transit cover for my worldy possesions, all you do then is tell the insurance comapny the date's of the proposed move and the start /end address and hey presto your gear is all covered.

the ubm carriers (in your case whites) have zero liability as part of there contract with the mod for any damage, loss or loss of use of your possesions, its your job to enure you have cover and many of the removal companies (like whites) have a form on there survey pack which you can if you wish on payment to there office by card take advantage of to insure your goods for duration of the removal, its both overpriced and of limited value unless your possesions are lost in a fire or theft.

do your self a favour speak to a rep like the ones available via the service insurance comapny (it was JAGinsurance last tiem i used it) they offer full contents military kit and liability insurance at reasonable prices purely for serving members of hm forces.

as someone else aluded ot there is an element of dist allce that is meant to cover things like this, along wiht settleing and starting utilities contracts at either end of the move, cleaning hte MQ etc.

less moaning about things that have been the same since they day they were created and more reading required by the OP!!!
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