posted overseas with chrones disease.

hi. i have been posted to BFC Cyprus but i also have chrones disease, i am just wondering if i should really be posted over here when there is no specialist on the island to deal with me. should i mention something and look to be posted to the UK.
i am medically downgraded and cannot deploy on operations. The disease has ruined my career as an infantry soldier and i am also worried they may throw me out due to medical grounds. any information is appreciated.
How severe is the Crohn's? Go to Cyprus and enjoy yourself, worst case scenario you will be on a flight home. They have electricity in Cyprus now, and hospitals.
The climate there will be good for your condition. Enjoy it while it lasts (which is unlikely to be that long, I know a few people with Crohn's, and only one hasn't been given the boot, though his circumstances are exceptional).
Get yourself checked out . We had a WO2 who burst his colon and died. Serious shit.
1. I assume the army are aware of your condition
2. As pointed out before Cyprus has hospitals and electricity.
3. the worst thing you can ever do career wise is try to get a posting changed for medical, compassionate or personal reasons.

If you don't go, and lets face it Cyprus is a holiday destination, then someone else has to go in your place. Thats a whole lot of hassle for the HR types and they hate extra work.
yeah i been checked out ,colon is fine for now , it is some serious shit , think i may well get my self back to the UK where there is proper medical supervision.
AH ok ..i am already out in Cyprus with my battalion and have been for 8 months, we are currently on Theater Reserve for Afghanistan. this is a 2 year post and my wife and children are here with me. although Cyprus is a holiday destination it is not all that it is cracked up to be. however i have been told that if my condition worsens then i will be areomed back to the UK for treatment which can last up to a few months, this is not good as i will have to leave my family in Cyprus until i am fixed again, and this could be a recurring thing.
Like I said, the climate in Cyprus is much better for your condition than what we have in the UK. If you do have to go into hospital for any length of time, and it's a big 'if', your nok will not just be left out there.

I think you would be well advised to speak to someone who understands the condition, have you heard of this group Crohn's and Colitis UK ? They offer a telephone counselling service which is really good. Ring them.

National Support Line 0845 130 3344

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