Posted Overseas (not a base area) help!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by escape_to_the_USA, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. I am off the Land of Freedom Fries, Guns, and stupid drinking laws.

    I am trying establish whether the Inland Revenue consider me and my wife as residents (of the UK) when I am posted to the US? (For the purposes of saving money in ISA's and Pensions - etc. All of which say in the small print that you must be a UK resident.

    Also on posting will we still be able to claim Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit?
  2. I am not an expert, but the expression is "ordinarily resident". HM Forces are considered to be just that, but the message doesn't always reach the Halifax and the like.

    The latter payments should be enabled through your pay... famous last words!

    Enjoy yourself!

  3. You are considered a crown servant when it comes to ISAs etc and therefore still qualify. Where we have struggled is overcoming the money laundering regulations when paying into an ISA to prove identity and address. They want proof of UK address and if you only have overseas bank accounts and utility bills then you need letters from Commanding Officers etc. If you can get a FCO address in London it helps else use a family member and leave a bank account at that address.
  4. Isn't it a reg that regardless of your worldwide posting, you are still required to have a current UK bank account?