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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Slyfox, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys,its been a while since i was last on hope your all fine ?
    i have just been posted from Germany to the uk,now whilst i was in Germany i was in SLA,now that im back in the uk i will be living in my own house that is 26 miles from my new duty station,i have read somewhere that i will be entitled to disturbance allowance of around £1000 becuase i will be in private Accomodation, allso the reason for moving into my own place is so i can have my 2 children stay with me at weekends,can you also let me know of any problems with this,as i am classed as single, can some one please check this for me,and also will i be able to get MMA or any other Petrol allowance ?
    thankyou in advance
  2. Will you be reoccupying your private acc ? If so then yes Basic Rate Dist allowance sounds good....can't remember the rules on travel from Germany, triangular journeys are long gone so I think you can claim overseas rate of MMA to you nearest Military airport in Germany and then a notional MMA claim from stansted to your duty station at UK rate of MMA, don't forget your IE and DS as well..
  3. One rate of DA now, £1024 or thereabouts, notwithstanding child element, you can claim MMA at PCR from old duty station to port of departure and port of arrival to new duty station, the only recognised route of travel to and from Germany is by trooper flight now, thus, no claim for ferry costs etc.

    If your SPR (Selected Place of Residence is under 50 miles from your new duty station you can claim HTD (Home to Duty), if you make over 15 journeys per month this will be an automatic allowance through pay, under 15 and it's a manual claim, sort this on arrival with your new unit HR.
  4. ok thanks guys im not based in Germany anymore.
    but now im in the uk Abingdon,i want to live in my own place in Swindon,im on leave at the moment untill i start work,and moved into my own place already,its not anywhere ive lived before,i just decided to get my own place now that im back in the uk, that was how i should of put the question sorry, its 26 miles one way so ill get MMA and a payment of about £1024 for living in my own place then ? thankyou