Posted in Cyprus, want to buy in UK. Perk?s


Just after a bit of advice am posted in Cyprus for the next two years and I want to buy a house in the UK early next year. So questions for those who might of done this....

  • Advice on Army Help to Buy?
  • Do you have to pay the usual council tax, water etc as I wont be living in it whilst in Cyprus?
  • are there any perks to being posted abroad that will maybe save us some money on buying/bills?
  • Mortgages - Wife is working for Cypriot school will her wage be accounted for?

Any help/advice would be appreciated :)


If you want to use Forces Help To Buy then you will lose eligibilty to a quarter. You would then have to go married unnacompanied.

The scheme rules are that if you buy more than 50 miles from duty location you are entitles to SLA only.