Posted and need advice please?

im soon to be posted to germany, and this may sound like a daft question (but my unit are not being particularly helpful) im taking my car over with me, is it possible to get car insurance in the uk to cover my tour or do i have to get german insurance, also if i do, will this affect no claims when i return to uk? sorry if im being thick but i just dont know :oops:
Contact your Insurance company to find out if they will cover you while you are there, some do some don't. If not then you can go through NAAFI or Norwich Union I think. Also Axa possibly. You will be ok for a bit until the BFG mob get hold of you. Don't know if you still have to change to BFG plates or not been too long since I was there. It should not effect your no claims bonus when you return as they will acrew like any other no claims. Have a good tour and enjoy it.

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For general info about BFG go to Http:// the official BFG website - you will be able to get lots of information about importing a car
You can receive cover prior to your move by asking your insurance company for a green card. (covers you to drive in Europe) it will cost a couple of quid and It lasts for up to 30 days and will cover you whilst you are BFGing your car and sorting out your new insurance whilst in Germany. Hope that helps :wink:

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