Postcards from the front......

Couple of postcards sent home from to me from my bro, many years ago.

I was told they were exclusive to a particular exercise that only happened once.

Q: Guess the Exercise ?

Ive put these in my arrse album too (I think my links may have better resolution)
Well it looks like my brother may have been talking out of his crab's backside then.

He sent them over during Lionheart 84 from sunny Laarbruch (15 Sqn, ASF), The message was that he would be home soon for a visit and a vividly remember speaking to him on the phone asking him to bring back plenty of duty free
Aparently his BFG plates got him swiftly through customs with his rear axles scraping the ground while families were being shaken down with a magnifying glass, AND.....apparently those postcards were "made especially for the exercise".
The fibbing crabastard ;-)

Cheers for them links, Didn't realize there were a shed-load of them postcards, nice.
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