Postcards from Prague

Are you sat at home wishing it was more than bills coming through the letterbox? Do you wish your mates sent you more than just blueys?

More interesting post can be yours just log on to: pledge any amount you fancy and PM me your address. I am "jogging" the Prague Half Marathon this weekend but will find time to send a card, suitably beer stained, to all who sponsor me.

Dig deep its for the Chelsea Pensioners don't you know. :thumright:
For those that dug deep, many thanks and postcards en route as promised.

For those that didn't its not too late you have until this Thu to donate and a postcard from Italy this weekend could be easily secured.

Prague was a well organised event with a fairly flat course for the most of it. Did I mention the Beer tents at 12, 17 & 19 km points? Not my best time but certainly an enjoyable run on a Sat afternoon.

:cheers: & :thanks:

Well done, good idea - I am digging into the back of the sofa to see what I can put in
I chucked in a few beer tokens.... I'm now off to Chelsea to see if I get it all back, do they have a rule in their mess that guests cannot buy drinks :winkrazz:

BigRed said:

VMT, trying to out drink a chelsea pensioner now there's something I would sponsor! How did you get on?


Thoughts of Dad's Army and bayonet charging went through my head, so I chickened out. "They don't like it up em sir, they don't like it"

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