Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    Arrived safely. Not seen a camel yet so suspect I am in the wrong country.

    Austrian Airways lost my luggage; apparently it's arrived in my original destination, completed handover / takeover and is doing a better job than me.

    Wish you were all here instead of me.

    Please feed the cat.

  2. Without wishing to decend into the "snackology" + FDR* of previous threads, I assume that the interruption to the outward sector of your deployment had nothing to do with the annual sachertorte eating competition, at the refuelling stop?


    I trust we will have a photo of the Corps team for the next Pose and Grovel??

    * Foreign Desert Recognition

    .....What about your Christmas box.....................?
  3. They do Christmas late where CR is - which will probably be an excellent excuse for two Christmas dinners with trimmings!

    Ps - we've eaten the cat and spent the cat food money on whiskey...
  4. Bugger the cat! Rifle through his MFO boxes to see if he has left any cakes behind!
  5. OK if you think you are hard enough: here is a starter for 10 ( found during Op PLUNDER)[​IMG]

    ( base cake only: no variants)
  6. Eccles cake?
  7. pacman after 20 years on smack?
  8. I am not sure buggering the cat is legal - apparently the Australian's are now eating kittys now -something to do with pest control. A bit of barbied Aussie moggie might go down well in CR's Christmas box :lol:
  9. Thought I hadn't seen you about recently, walking up that hill behind your old offices(mine too but many years ago!), from the garage with the B & R will do me someday!!
  10. No CR, trust me, you are in the right country... :p
  11. shouldn't you be out running? :twisted:
  12. No Spidey-pie-boy I should be working, which I am, something you would know if you bothered your arse to tip up for the flight out. Nevermind eh?

    Also doing the running so when I go for that 40 minuter in the morning I...insert crap joke about having a fat leg here...

    Oh how we laughed. Anyway, nice chatting to you, it seems you are still the same as ever, always on the attack when my intial remark was one of "You've ducked out at the right time due to the crazy work out here", but nevermind, always been on your agenda to belittle people at the first opportunity hasn't it? That way you look like "a big man"... no pun intended there.

    Enjoy your tour and have fun skiing, or with watercolours, or painted on Spiderman costumes, whatever you prefer.
  13. well it was looking to be a long 6 months, sharing an office with you. so i faked a torn achilles and BINGO! peace and quiet :)
  14. See my above edit.
  15. stop being so sensitive mate. as you are at least nine times as sarcastic as me, i assumed you meant "you're in the right country because... (insert cutting or disparaging remark here)".

    so, my apologies for reading you wrong. i thought you were bantering :)