Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheSnake, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. I dont know what's worse, the lad or the muppets that take photo's of postboxs, at least the lad has an excuse....
  2. Poor little fecker
  3. How you'd be able to single out any one individual from Stockport as being autistic, is beyond me, they're all a bit "special" there.
    As for postbox spotters....................just how dull does your world need to be before the idea of hunting down and cataloging postboxes becomes an attractive proposition?
  4. Why the fcuk would you want 178 post boxes ???

  5. Sounds like he should be on a register, he can join that letchy old biffer off the Werthers Original advert
  6. Methinks the mother wasn't exactly biting the postbox fiend's hand off to take her little boy to visit...
  7. but she was probably biting at his nut sack as she hasn't had a bang in such a long time due to Little Lord Fook'dupinthehead!!

    Yes I know it is harsh on the little fellow, and I wish him all the best. Truely a shame that a youngster should miss out on life and such because of such a disability/affliction.

    But the mother clearly wants something and a crusty post box lovers cock looks favourite!
  8. Maybe she was expecting donations for the lad's postbox maintanence, and all she got was an offer to visit the Isle of Wight, to see more bloody postboxes!!!

    And and and, isn't that a bit of a waste of resources giving one lad his own box, and personal deliveries/pick ups daily? No wonder the Royal Mail are in dire straits if thats the way they carry on... :roll:
  9. poses a tough question:

    Would you rather be gay or a post-box lover?
  10. gotta be the post box for me, dont have to buy it flowers or anything and reds me favourite colour.