Postal vote fraud....again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by No_Duff, May 1, 2010.

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  1. Surprise, surprise there is postal vote fraud again.

  2. If any seat has evidence of any fraud then the result should be declared null and void and a second non postal election held.

    No prizes for guessing which party is the one who benefits from electoral fraud!!
  3. Have you not heard about the collecting of proxy forms in Pakistan by persons unknown, reported by the BBC this morning
  4. I bet it's the BNP!
  5. More Here. This time in Derby.

    Looks like the great leader is trying to cling to power.

    ALLEGATIONS of postal vote fraud are being investigated by police in Derby.

    A complaint has been sent by the Conservative party to Derbyshire police about suspected fraud in the Sinfin ward in the Derby City Council local elections – which will be held on May 6, the same day as the General Election.

    The complaint involves concerns that a voter was approached by men requesting her to fill in and sign three postal voting forms in favour of the Labour party.

    It is an offence to complete a postal vote that is not your own or to influence how others complete their postal vote.

    I don't know if any of you know Sinfin, but it's an area with a large amount of "just of the boat" immigrants from asia.
  6. Postal votes - Liebours way of gerrymandering elections. If Cameron has any sense he will stop the postal votes for all scam.
  7. Face it, we're a f*cking banana republic.
  8. Who gets a postal vote and for what reasons? The whole malarky may be ripe for abuse.
  9. Anyone who wants one, for any reason.
  10. I've just this minute received my voting paper (noon), I'm not exactly in the 'sticks' but because of weekend postal times and the Bank Holiday our next postal collection is 5pm Tuesday. Given that it takes the PO two working days to deliver 1st class mail (if you're lucky) that means the Returning Officer will receive it Friday.... the day after the elections.
  11. Shouldn't a fine and upstanding laboiur supporter like youself be appalled by this attack on the democratic process?

    But no, you choose to attack the BNP instead.

    Which just illustrates the fact that you condone the lying and cheating of your party.

    Which in turn exposes your own true nature.
  12. Serious? FFS, whose idea was that? IMO unless you have very good reasons you should have to turn up at the polling booth to vote.

    EDIT TO ADD: Yep, you where spot-on.
  13. Anyone who can make up names and details.

    Labour get a massive amount of postal votes, the women who got into trouble recently for tweeting postal vote results said that labour had got over *, compared to * for her the nearest rival (Tory).

    Here are the 2005 results for that seat.

    Labour: 20047 (44.8%)
    Conservative: 12668 (28.3%)
    Liberal Democrat: 9139 (20.4%)
    Other: 2926 (6.5%)
    Majority: 7379 (16.5%)

    I'm not great at maths but given that Labours popularity has plummeted since 2005 something doesn't look right to me.
  14. You could still take it to your polling station ... Or have one of your family hand it in there?
  15. Another disgrace, the police really need to get stuck in to this

    As InVino says where there has been any fraud the result should be null and void - whoever has won