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is there any TA member of the Postal section of the RLC or know about it ?, i've been asked to join up the RLC as a postal staff ( maybe) as im already a postie , whats it like ? , pay, perks, annual camps and what deployments can you do ? i.e. gulf ,
did you find it fun?

The two Postal and Courier Regiments of the RLC TA 87 & 88 PC Regts RLC are ok [if a bit full of spotters.]. They deploy on Exercises quite regularly and have sent people to Op Tours covering the full spectrum of current UK Ops which employ deployed PC Personnel.

You will be aware no doubt that, as part of the Specialist RLC TA , you will be expected to complete 19 days minimum training per year to qualify for Bounty. Those 19 days usually consist of at least 2 weekend events plus a 14 day camp.

You get paid the same rate of pay as a Regular Soldier of Equivalent Rank for each day you work/train.

As for fun, it depends on how sick you are! It all depends on what you want. They seem to be ok as I say but I wouldn't personally go on the p*ss with them - nothing personal but licking stamps just ain't my scene baby :lol:

Enough of my drivel - Get it from the horses mouth and ring the following:

0115 9573292 - HQ RLC TA Recruiting Office.
0115 9573307 - Permanent Staff Instructor [Postal & Courier].
A mate of mine was a reg postie, and his veiw was that being in the postie TA was a good leg up in the postal world. Most weekends were big piss ups in mill hill, and camp was about the same.

Do it they probably give youthe two weeks for camp as extra leave any way. Whats the worst that can happen, getting mobilised!


thanks all i will give it a go , fancied going on "holiday" to cyprus, gibraltar, belize, shooting guns and getting paid for it , im also aware that i could get deployed to gulf or volunteer to go, what sort of medals can they give you ? i've heard all sort of names like VRM, RM,TD etc maybe also operational tours medals as well , im not a gong collector but it would be nice to be recognised for effort .
is the medical standards as strict as the front line troops ?
There ar gongs a plenty in the New TA

Every Op tour you do comes with its own medal. You Get the VRSM after 10 years of service. it replaces the old TD for officers. Best bet for a chest full is to do the minimum qualification time in theatre as a leave/ posting cover. As a Postie you could probably swing it.

The up side of the job is that everyone is alays pleased to see you.

Fitness wise you have to pass a CFT (4 miler) with kit to get your bounty. Your induction medical depends on the doc.

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