Postal General Enquiry (to BFPO )

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Fones_4_Me, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. Any posties answer this pleassseeeeee...?

    Just checked the delivery status of a parcel I ordered and it shows as: "Refused by customer"

    Grrrr.... I am at a BFPO address in Germany and put down my delivery address as normal but due to the fact I was ordering online I had to put in a UK postal code. Obviously I put the Ruislip one, but to no avail!

    It was sent out recorded delivery via UPS. I was just wondering why this would be refused at Ruislip?

    Thanks in advance.....
  2. BFPO Website gives this detail:

    Q. Can I order goods from a UK company for delivery to my BFPO address?
    Yes. Personnel serving overseas can successfully order from the Commercial sector for onward delivery to a BFPO address, however the company must use one of the following procedures in order for this to be done:-
    Apply postage at the appropriate HM Forces rate and post the item at a Post Office. This allows for the onward shipment cost to the BFPO address.
    Enter into a contract agreement with Parcelforce for the journey to BFPO London. Then the company must be in direct contact with BFPO for the onward shipment cost to you. *
    Enter into contract with Parcelforce under the 'One Stop Shop'. This allows for the onward shipment cost to you. *
    Deliver items to BFPO using one of the following contracted courier companies :
    • Business Post
    • Business Express
    • Parceline DPD
    • ParcelNet
    • City Link
    • Fedex
    Deliver items to BFPO using the companies own transport. Then the company must be in direct contract with BFPO for the onward shipment cost to the BFPO customer.

    and if you want the link:

    Welcome to the Official British Forces Post Office Website

    So, UPS is not listed.
  3. Cheers for that info and the link....

    Nothing is ever easy eh!! I am training posties in a few weeks. **** around coming their way, just because they refused my parcel!

    Thanks again.
  4. I have had a similar problem with getting stuff to my BFPO address and it is only when I starting looking around the BFPO web site that I identified the heart of the problem. I now e-mail a company to check how they deliver the stuff to make sure they are part of the accredited list of delivery companies
  5. Yup... One for the future me thinks...

    It just amazes me in this day and age that we are still struggling to get mail/parcels sent to a BFPO address! and slightly annoying that I will now be having to call the company and to try and get my £1500 pound back!
  6. Just have a look and see how much it is to send to your normal local postcode instead ?
  7. Yup tried that one.. Basically Apple have a contract with UPS and therefore (even though I was willing to pay postage) they simply refused to use any other delivery service!

    So, for anyone wanting to buy Apple out her in LOA Land, get it from a German dealer. You can have an English keyboard however they can't supply you with an English power adaptor! Which of course is what prompted me to order from UK.

  8. DC... You have just reminded why I stoppped using arsse!

    PLZ - Postleitzahlen is a German postcode....Like I said in my post I needed and Apple Inc still do need an English postal address in order to shop on their online UK Store.
  9. your right, sorry for any advice, go back into the dark and stop being a twat to anyone who tries to help out
  10. Yup ok. Thanks for the advice!
  11. Top Tip
    before ordering goods online a top tip is if it's not being sent Via Royal Mail check that the company you ordered from is in contract with BFPO if not it doesn't matter which courier company it is sent by it will always be refused so before ******* posties around do your homework on the BFPO website
  12. I always use a website called

    It seems to have most of the main shops that send to BFPO and it saves having to phone the shop to check
  13. Tis no good, you can't get Irn Bru in glass bottles. I do note that you can get personalised cards with boiled eggs on them though.
  14. Finally! I have been searching for cards with boiled eggs on for years!