Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fulking_Ullock, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. I've just had mail delivered! Now, not wishing to sound too cynical, but does this mean that the postal workers who have been on strike are now recovering their lost earnings by working and being paid overtime to clear the backlog?! :?
  2. How dare you criticse our men and women of the royal mail!!!!
  3. 100 years ago post was delivered on a rolling basis 12 hours a day 7 days a week. Progress eh?
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    There you go.
  5. Was talking in the pub, as is my wont, one of the assembled minds came up with a way of ensuring the prompt delivery of post, pay the postal workers weekly by cheque in the post, thus ensuring that they had a reason to get the post out on time. Or would they be happy to wait the 3 working days I tend to for my next day delivery of post
  6. I know people who work for the royal mail and they are unhappy because back in 2002 Gordon raided there pensions pot and did not put the money back!!

    They have double the work as the royal mail have not replaced those who have retired.

    All the above has happened because of the government medaling, the royal used to make a profit of 750 million, 10 years ago until Golden Gordon started to medal with it deliberatly to sell it off in parts.
  7. Not just thier pension pot, yes lots of companies are not replacing staff and have not been so for just as long, and as for Government poking about, it was on the cards that it would happen as they needed money for the pie in the sky plans for self indulgencies that they had.
  8. I was pointing that private companies have to replace the money why don't the government??

    You need to have your witts about you when walking the streets with a post bag because people want their giros or someone elses.

    You know how much you kit weighs that is what they often carry from 7am till 12 noon. but with no protection.
  9. At least you get mail mine is very hit or miss I asked the post lady on Friday why she pit next doors mail in by box and the ans was I work on even numbers in this street ahhhhhhhhhhhh when the hell did 29 look like 28 or 30.
  10. They don't have to pensions replace lost funds, some were reduced, some companies closed the pension scheme for another some companies closed down. Are you saying that some posties should get danger money? never seen a heavy bag, see posties dropped off by van, excess post is locked in box to be collected and delivered as they go and the vast majority have a trolley that they push about infront of them
  11. It's ok,postie is just emptying his loft. :wink:
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    My cousins hubby is a postie & his route used to be Castlreagh,N/Ards Rd area,When he asked for holidays when his missis was due to pop sprog out,he was denied because " We dont have any Prods spare to cover your rounds"...
  13. I get mail weekly. Since they have cut the deliveries to one a day from two, they now turn up around lunchtime and are unable to gain access to the block of flats until a Saturday morning.