Postal & Courier Regiment

There was a recruiment stand for the Postal & Courier Regiment at my work place, which is Royal Mail. I thought I was to old at 40 but was corrected on this and now have a application in for the Royal Logistic Corp.
Does anybody have any views or experience of the Postal & Courier Regiment?
I know they work out of Grantham but at a 300 mile round trip I am starting to think I may be better off with a local unit which is the 151 (London) Transport Regiment as I would be better off for training nights/weekends.
Any other choice trades you could recommend in London or Kent? I don't mind what I do but I want to do my best when I do it and I can only do that with regular training.
Dont be to put off by the travelling you will get paid either petrol cost or get train tickets.

It a great Regt with better options to see the world than most, easy to get driving courses of all types.

One of the best things is Royal Mail give you 2 weeks paid leave extra as well.

And ofcourse you will have a good idea to start of the type of work but also good green training.

Join you can always move across to another Regt.
I worked with the a TA postal sqn on Herrick 6 the vast majority are brilliant blokes. some of them were way over 40. Can't comment on the transport regt but I would highly reccomend the posties.
Im a postie and I travel up from the south coast.Takes about 3 hours but the £102 petrol money eases the pain.I do know a few London lads who would give you a lift too.

As a specialist your commitment is 19 days a year to qualify for bounty.There are however,oppertunities to do extra camps and days.Its up to you.

All id say is give it a go,if you work for RM they are ok about it.The 2 week special leave with pay is good also.

BTW,I was OP Herrick 6 and im only 36!! :D

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