Postal Ballot paperwork arrived WHEN ?!?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. Wed 4 May

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  2. Tue 3 May

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  3. Thu 5 May or later

  4. Mon 2 May

  5. Fri 29 Apr

  6. On or before Wed 27 Apr

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  8. Sat 30 Apr

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  1. This is now a new question to find out if some local authorities only sent out the bulk of their postal ballot papers on the LAST day allowed by law - Wednesday 27th April.

    I think ARRSErs will understand the reasons behind the question, and remember how effective a previous survey has been.

    ALL POSTAL VOTERS whether in UK, overseas, serving or civilian are welcome to 'post' their reports. The poll at the top of this page is about when postal ballot paperwork arrived at UK addresses. I suggest dont take part in the poll if you know there is a good reason for the paperwork arriving late in your case.

    It would be helpful if you can mention the constituency; and if overseas: the country, and whether BFPO or civ mail.

    Many postal voters will not currently be in the constituency, so PERSEC should not be a problem in many cases, but PM me if you prefer the info to be 'anonymised'. Or

    You are welcome to mention the political complexion of the local Council which sent out the paperwork, if known. If not I can work it out later if you name the constituency. Sorry if all this sounds complicated but it isnt really, and could be very useful.

    Post-election note for researchers etc: Ignore the above poll, which was only intended to get initial indications of when the postal votes had been sent out by the Councils. Information as to when the votes reached personnel in Iraq, Northern Ireland and elsewhere will be found later in this thread.
  2. Gosport council sent mine before the 27 April. They are a mixed council no definite dominant political force
  3. Thanks dui-lai. Exemplary clear reporting!
  4. I got my card yesterday in the post, so yes on the last surprise there!

    my area is Stafford
  5. from a 'contact'.

    Edinburgh North and Leith constituency, Labour-controlled local authority, postal ballot papers arrived Sat 23 Apr.
  6. Got mine in the post today - presumably, it was sent yesterday...
  7. Tuesday 26th, Oldham.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Wed 27th eastbourne. currently a Tory.
  9. There can never any guarantee as to what stories the media will have time and space to cover.

    However, if we get more reports of postal ballot papers arriving late due to being sent out on the last possible date permitted by law, there is a possible news angle that forces personnel and other postal voters overseas have thereby effectively been disenfranchised. Where the paperwork was only sent out yesterday Wed 27th April, there is almost certainly no chance whatever of it reaching soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan in time for it to be returned in time to count on 5th May.

    British Forces Mail reportedly takes around ten days even for the outward journey to Iraq - sometimes as long as 18 days.

    Some overseas postal voters (mainly civilians) in Western Europe may get the chance to vote. Most of those further afield will not.

    Many sources have of course advised those overseas to consider arranging a proxy, rather than a postal, vote if at all possible. That has been our own consistent recommendation. However, several of our members - as well as forces wives writing in the Army Families Journal - have stated either that they have no-one in UK they would wish to trouble with the responsibilities of a proxy, or that they are unhappy with the whole concept of asking someone else to vote on their behalf.

    Commonwealth or Irish citizens serving in the HM Forces may not have anyone in UK to appoint as a proxy.

    Postal voting was originally introduced in the UK in 1918 for the specific benefit of servicemen. It is totally unacceptable that in 2005 the option of postal voting is effectively not available to today's personnel who are serving their country overseas.

    We still hope that to establish that the vast majority of Councils have followed best practice by sending out the paperwork at the first - not the last - allowable moment. We understand this would have been after 5 pm on Friday, 22nd April, and we have confirmed that some voters did receive their papers on Saturday 23rd.

    Since we began monitoring this on 27th April, one serving soldier has already reported that his local electoral authority (Charnwood Borough Council, Lab-controlled) only sent out the bulk of their postal ballot papers yesterday. He is serving overseas, and is resigned to the loss of his vote. His report has been confirmed from the Council's website.

    We also have a report from Ashfield District Council (Lab-controlled) where Mr Geoff Hoon, Secretary of State for Defence, is a candidate and was the local MP in the last Parliament. According to their website, postal ballot papers "will be sent to you within a week or so of the election". Despite this, we hope that they sent them out earlier...

    Sending out postal ballot papers only eight days before the election should present no problem for the majority of postal voters who are in the constituency. Those who have been disenfranchised are those in the armed forces; overseas voters; and (to a lesser extent) those including forces personnel who are currently elsewhere in the UK. (But fraudulent voters WILL get their postal ballot paperwork in time.)

    It would be outrageous if yet another batch of serving personnel have thus been prevented from exercising their democratic rights, especially after the fiasco over the HM Forces registration leaflets.

    Members: I hope that this latest outrage turns out to be confined to a few rogue/incompetent Councils. Members, please give priority to speedy reporting in this thread. URGENT Several members have already expressed a willingness to help with this campaign: those who can spare a little time, please find out from a local Council when they sent out the postal ballot paperwork to voters overseas, or check if there is anything about it on their website.

    I will link to this in the "EXERCISING YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE" thread.
  10. This afternoon on BFBS 2 (Glen Mansell Show), a representative of the BFPO was on droning on about what a wonderful service they provide (!). The subject of postal votes for those on ops was brought up; the BFPO man reckoned that provided postal ballots were posted today or tomorrow they should arrive in time.

    My postal ballot has not arrived, so I'm well on the way to becoming one of the many disenfranchised in this election. To say that my p1ss is boiling is a major understatement.
  11. Brilliant!

    So, a round trip of up to 12-14 days UK-Theatre-UK. Add on a modest couple of days in Theatre for the individual to pick up or be given their mail, then deal with it...

    And now it seems that some local authorities only posted out the bulk of their postal ballot mailings 8 days before polling day...

    I hope I am wrong, but I have a sinking feeling that there are still postal voters even in UK who havent received the ballot papers yet. This thread may be worth watching tomorrow Friday.
  12. Wednesday the 27th.

    Just in time, just.
  13. As it stands I still have not recieved anything and Im only across the water, also with a Bank holiday coming up the returning of my vote is going to be tight (if it comes).

    Hackle, is the final day for all votes to be returned the 4th or the 5th?
  14. Thanks for that, Disco. I was going to post something in the 'sticky'.

    All votes have to be in before the poll closes at 2200 on polling day, the 5th. Replacement ballot papers can be issued up to 1700 on the 4th.

    Doesn't help in your case, but the paperwork can be handed in by 2200 on polling day at a polling station in the constituency, or at the Council offices. In either case I suggest telephoning the Returning Officer's staff to check where it can be handed in - many will have helpline details on their website or on the paperwork itself.

    Anyone who has been sent a postal vote cannot vote in person at the polling station.
  15. IF anyone in UK gets their postal ballot papers through the post today Friday, that wiould suggest that the local authority concerned is one of the minority who sent out the papers at the LAST possible moment allowed by the regulations.

    Thus disenfranchising both serving personnel and spouses overseas, and civilian overseas voters.

    If you get the papers through the post today or tomorrow, please take part in the 'poll' at the top of this page; and if possible give us the brief details, especially the constituency. Thanks.