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Just be careful when attending the ACIO that you are not pressured into one of the OPP (operational pinch point) trades, as happens so often in the RLC, you may end up doing something you never wanted to, but were dazzled by the bright lights. As for the maths, I wouldn't worry as you will retake the tests and your GTI will reflect ability not qualification, however as a transferee there is no need, but I would brush up on numeracy and literacy as they will be necessary
so whats the opp trades at the moment?? well coz ive served before, i'll make sure i know what im joining, and if i dont get what intrests me i wont rejoin. whats the training procudeure with postal operator?...all i know is its traing at deepcut and driver training at leconfield?..

Also is much of it spent driving from camp to camp delivering mail in landrovers?
Sorry to keep babbling on..just i work most weekdays and dont really have the chance to keep popping into the AFCO. Thats why I wanted as much info off you guys before I go back in. Then i could get the ball rolling..
So, Armies, it's all gone quiet. Have you been to the recruiting office yet?

Or has it gone quiet because you've been to the recruiting office and you're now on stag at Shaiba Log Base?
No havnt been yet..I work most week days so will have to wait til next week until I can get there.
Could you infrom me in the mean time, of the training, how long and where..??
I've just come back from Deepcut, can confirm the following;

The course is easy if you stay awake.
It's 4 weeks long, which, in Deepcut, feels like an op tour.
No quals required (although for some reason two lads on our course from 87 Sqn got made to sit a maths entry test).
1st week is mail sorting procedure, irregularity reports, general outline of the trade.
2nd week focuses on Priority Services like Recorded and Special delivery
3rd week is all about Courier Service and Classified mail, followed by a really hard exercise which lasted all of one morning.
4th week is PACER, which is all 1st week stuff but done on a computer instead of filling out the forms by hand.

Any questions in particular PM me and I'll try to help.

Thanks Skint boy mike. And what about the driving part?..I take it for a recruit the whole package would be as follows:

12 weeks basic training.
4 weeks trade training
Motorcycle driving at leconfield.

Please coorect me if im wrong. Many thanks for your help.
No motorbike training, I'm told that's not the norm these days. You'll have to complete your Cat B license after phase two training, but I'm not sure if that will be at Leconfield or at your unit after you're posted. I had mine already so I'm not sure. Don't know how long phase 1 traning is either these days, but trade training is still 4 weeks.
armies said:
No havnt been yet..I work most week days so will have to wait til next week until I can get there.
Could you infrom me in the mean time, of the training, how long and where..??
If you are busy during the week then try here for an intial chat:

You can now even start an application online:

Give it a try and best of luck, stick to your guns about career choice, the BARB and selection will decide your destiny.
Thanks. Like i said im ex infantry and been out for 18 months, so I doubt i'll do phase one training, it would be pointless..especially when i did telic 1!...but thnaks for your help.

I know its mainly south cerney, or germany, but whre else might a postie get based initially?...also im slightly you know how that stands in the medical, for that particular trade?
As they have got rid of the Penny Black and Penny Red in Victorian times, colour blindness isn't normally a big issue.

Posties are Germany and Uk mostly, a few Embassy jobs and lots of op tours.

Good luck - we have an infantry type here who is attempting to retrade - you will be in good company.
Thanks hamster. The careers office is obviously the place to go..but they dont necessarily know alot about all trades. its all well and good getting booklets, but they dont give much info. thats why i came on here, to speak to people who do the trade and can advise me before i go into the office itself. From experience, most recruiting sgts ive met are infantry, along with a few signals sncos.
I went to the Careers office, and am now waiting to see what Glasgow say about me rejoining. Could take a few weeks, apparently they need permission from my old unit, then they will go to the RLC desk to see if they are happy to take me on.
Go for it my old son, we helped in Mill hill kipper factory as it was known to the sappers when the Postal strike was on in 70s. There was then a ratio of four to one wrac postal girls for every bloke,a well kept secret by the "posties".Lots of applications from said temporary types for transfer.They were a great bunch of people not at all "Warry"but nevertheless had a great sporting record, second to none in London Districts.Posties serve everywhere that the army is deployed,unless you specifically want to go the brigades route which can involve exercise deployment anywhere it would appear to be fairly well placed for family an ex Infanteer I can appreciate your concerns,stick to your guns and be firm.
Sorry Bundook, but the days of 4:1 are long gone, mostly after the bomb in 88. The 'big' picture now is that the trade is moving more to the Ex & Ops role with the amount of deployments and the manpower trying to cover them all. But it is a top job, thankfully not too many 'warry' types just enough to keep us on our toes for mil trg.
Any one else fancy transferring, come on down.
Still waiting for Glasgow, manning records, whatever, to process my application to see if i can rejoin. Hopefully not too long.

If all went well, being a postal op, what would be the chance of getting posted to Mill Hill?...if that was where id like to go.
Absolutely no chance!!

Mill Hill closes this year, and BFPO London in its entirety will move to Northolt. You may end up going to Northolt if thats what you want, but as a B3 you'll end up on the kipper factory floor doing shifts!!
ok, so does that mean its 99% i'll either get posted to Germany or South Cerney as a new postal op?? Or where will my first posting be, will I have any choice??

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