postal and couriers transfer

Discussion in 'RLC' started by andy1984, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. thinking about transfering to p & c and was wanting a bit of advice form any other posties just wantig to know what promotion is like (how long between ranks)
    what hours of work is like ? , op tours how often do they come round? any helpor info wouldbe a gr8t help to me for me making a decision

  2. well mate i transferred in 2000 and promotion is good as the rank PTE is not a rank of use so LCPL comes arround quickly if you are able to sit in a van and watch a bag of mail, as for LCPL/CPL we are mellow blokes and have the easy life on tour compared to others beasting arround the hulu in 95 we sit and chill and read their mail and drink mountain dew and use ebluey to surf porn and chat to pads wifes on msn.

    we do get busy and work long hours
    but rewards are good
  3. so i take it you would recomend me to transfer then !!!!

    so what did you transfer from??? did you fnd it hard adapting to a change in career?
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  6. cheers dude
    i'm heading there now!! cheers,
    while on the subject of tranfers, from my experience a small corp would be better. As the RLC is and will be messed up on manning and promotion for at least 10 years, its ***t for both so get out and tell anyone to transfer to a smaller corp.
  7. Regarding being a postal and .ong is the overall traing and do you get a choice in posting?
    I ask this because i believe most new posties end up in south cerney, germany or mill hill in london.
    But do u get a choice in where you go first?
  8. You've forgotten Abingdon :drool:
  9. Yeah but do you get a choice in posting as a postal courier? Im thinking of re-enlisting, as I was infantry for 6 years. In infantry, you move as a battalion and go wherever you need to go, as part of a brigade.
    But as a postal courier, do you move as a individual..and can you chose a posting?
    I was armoured infantry for 6 years and spent 4 of them in Germany. Id like to know how postings work as a postal operator?
  10. Same as the rest of the RLC posted as an individual, you might get the choice of posting you want by filling in a dream sheet. As for me I got my posting to Germany at the end of the course instructor walked in and said 3 places for Germany who wants to go. Remember as well there is also detachemnts to other places such as FI and ex/ops as well
  11. Is there a pc unit in Aldershot still? I thought it had moved.
  12. As an ex infantryman whos been out 2 years..Do you think id have trouble re-enlisting as a postal operator.? dont want to be fobbed off by the careers office, just like they did in 1999 when i first darkened their doors.
  13. Only one way to find out. Give them a call or visit the office and ask them what your options are. Go on, I dare you. Let us know how you got on.
  14. Well I did back in October time, but was only in the office for about 15mins.The sgt just said help yourself to some booklets and see if anything takes your intrest.He did say i might be best to go back to the infantry, possibly rlc wouldnt want an ex infantryman.??

    Well i havnt returned there yet but i definatey dont want to go back to my old unit thats going to be based in Tidwoth in 2008. I'll spend the rest of my service stuck in Salisbury Plain!!!!!!!!

    Surely RLC/Army would be happy to have an ex squaddie who left with exemplary service, than not have a soldier come back??
  15. If you're serious, you really should go back to the office (or another one) and discuss your circumstances with them. Tell them exactly what you've said here and you'll be off to a good start. One thing is for certain, you are far better off getting advice from a recruiting office than on an open-access anonymous website like this. That's not to say you won't attract some good advice here but you'll also attract some rubbish as well and it can be difficult to tell the difference. Better off talking to the real experts, face to face IMO.

    Have a look at for job seekers advice and info. Good luck.