Postal and Courier Operator - Information Required !

Discussion in 'RLC' started by BARB62, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. I passed by BARB last week with a 62, and i was given my job sheet to look over. The two jobs that i decided to put as my first and second choice were 'Postal and Courier Operator' and 'Communication Systems Operator'

    I was hoping that sumone could give me some more information on the 1st (Postal and Courier) That isn't on the job spec sheets on the internet or from the careers office.

    There is sumthing about the position that intrigues me and im hoping that it isn't just an 'Army Postman'

    I would appreciate any information and advice on this position (opportunities, pay + benifits, travel, promotion ect) that you can offer, sumone who has been in or is in this position would be perfect.

    Thanks in advance !
  2. You don't lick stamps anymore, they're self adhesive.
  3. No you also support the Navy and RAF so you'd be a Tri-service post man.

    Take the other choice!
  4. On a serious note, there is less scope for gucci postings these days.If you're a tour junkie though, you won't be disappointed.

    Personally, the prospect of being posted to Northolt more than once in a career would be enough to make me think twice if I had my time again.
  5. I'm just a normal Postman at the moment, my 3rd choice is Postal and Courier Op, if i'm unlucky enough to miss out on both my main choices then this is my fail safe. The travelling appeals to me but again there is that thought about joining the Army to be a Postman, I'm sure it's alot different to what I'm doing in the civilian world, probably alot more variety to it and with the chances of embassy, NATO and UN postings...and that means New York, not quite Tennessee but it would do :wink:
  6. The chances of a posting to Northholt are getting slimmer by the minute.
  7. Hahaha you'd need a few years in to get a post like that only senior ranks get those and very few actual postings Washington and Lisbon. And you'll find the Army system is about 10 years behind the royal mail whoever told you about the embassey postings etc needs to give his head a shake yes available but only once you made snr rank and even then lucky if you do
  8. Been out a few years now, but i think you'll find the number of postings has shrunk.
    BAOR has reduced massively and talking to someone last week is shrinking even further, even JHQ is going walk about.
    I had 13 good years as a postie, and yes i'd do it again.
    Although it was better as an RE, but i guess i'm bias.
  9. hello all

    i am starting my basic training at pirbright next month with a view to being a postal courier operator after i pass, is the overall concensus amongst people already in the army that this is a bad trade to go for ?
  10. No.
  11. Brett is right, there are however posts (one) for juniors in Canada and Belize, guess where you will be in the pecking order to go there, though?