Postal address for MCM Div

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PapaGolf, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone have the civvy postal address for the Operator Desk at MCM Div, or RSW, or whatever it is now known as? Cheers
  2. Kentigern House, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow, G2 8EX Or google Kentigern House. Desk you need is 'Useless twats who screw up careers and only give good postings to their equally incompetent drinking/bum chums'
  3. Can I presume you are not sending flowers?
  4. Some of you clearly didn't get your 1st preferences for posting!
  5. Quite the contrary, I've gotten every posting I asked for. Never had the nuts to ask for Washington DC or Canberra though
  6. So what's with the derogatory comments about the working hours of the staff? Just curious, as it doesn't tally with my knowledge of the place.
  7. Dread and Papagolf, have a word with yourselves. You clearly have no idea what the staff at RSW do for their soldiers. What part of it's your career management did you not understand during your careers. As to working hours the staff at RSW put more than their fair share in for not a lot of money. Try visiting the place and see for yourselves what the place is about. Perhaps then you can accurately comment.

    For Slipperman if you have stuff to send to your desk officer go through your Adjt or RCMO who will ensure it gets to the right desk.
  8. They've done alright by me!! The only time something got fucked up is when the army got involved; you know, telling everyone your business so they don't get hurt and feel left out. Boo hoo.

    Some really good people work in our wing, I'm sure you have talked to some other capbadges and it's ******* hellish. Offer a low fat pie supper, diet Irn bru, telephone smile aaaand you will discover a life outside le regiments.
  9. Oooohhh! Get her! You are clearly one of the ***** who works at MCM(Div) but haven't got the balls or integrity to state that in your post. As for having no idea: have a word with yourself. At one stage I was on the phone almost every day to Glasgow looking after my 120 soldiers and officers. I know each Regiment has a different flavour, but with the Gunners, if you were not part of the "country set" (i.e. a tour dodging no medal **** at 14RA) the you were screwed, no matter how good your CR from RO1 and RO2. What rankled was the annual bullshit tour of lies: they would come and tell everyone in the interviews that "your career is on track, you should get your majority/WO2 on time, yada yada yada" and then promptly forget about the officers or SNCOs leaving several barred from promotion due to not getting slots on courses.

    It didn't help that the tradition in the RA was to send the biggest ***** to Glasgow in the vain hope they couldn't actually kill anyone while they were there.
  10. I knew as soon as I read the thread title teddies would go :)

    PapaGolf, don't worry, now you have said something slightly nasty, you don't need the address, you'll get a phone call ;-)
  11. I've never had an issue with the Signals Wing. Even when a JNCO they were very helpful with good advice about available slots or career courses. I found as long as you speak to the staff as you would like to be spoken to then you will be fine so long as you didn't go on demanding certain postings or jobs.

    The two that are there just now are very good (LM and DP) thankfully the other guy who was there for a while has moved jobs. He wasn't the most reliable at getting back to you!
  12. I can assure you, I have absolutely no need for desk officer advice - I have no idea where you got that from the contents of my earlier post! Thanks all the same.
    The only person offering me career advice in my semi-retired state is the long haired general!