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Postage of large items to Germany

Hi all,

Im after getting a push bike posted to Germany through the BFPO system. I know some have done it and others have had their items stuck at customs in UK. What is the correct procedure and address to get it over here.



I had a very large punchbag (35kg) delivered over Christmas to the usual BFPO address. I can't see bikes being a problem.
Depending on the size of the frame it may actually be within the recommended dimensional/weight limits. In the build up to Christmas at my FPO there were a few bikes, a rabbit hutch, a large wooden sandpit and a couple of 50in Plasmas which all got through the system fine. BFPO aren't as strict as they could be, and it's a generally a quiet time of year for posties (notwithstanding the upcoming easter mini-rush). Go for it.

Edited to add address;

Number Rank Name
BFPO number
*HA4 6DQ

*The last three lines are the address for BFPO London; it's quite ok to leave them out, as long as the first three lines are complete. I only really ensure that these three lines are included if I ever buy anything online, as many websites struggle to recognise anything other than a typical UK address.


Shouldn't see it being a problem, I recently had a set of 18" car alloys posted to me using the Ruslip address the only whinge I had was the unit post NCO moaned that I had to collect them from the main post office at PRB as they were too heavy for her to carry to the Sqn lines (forced me to collect them myself... the audacity of it !!)
i'm not a posty but my understanding of the system is this: it all depends on the contract the retailer has with the BFPO agency. If company x has a contract that will only deliver small items up to a certain weight then they won't carry. If its from a private seller then its less of an issue but will go when weight/space allows.

I'm a regular customer of a large online cycle retailer who who happy to ship to my German address with a commensurate level of discount equivalent to the VAT. IIRC shipping cost was £25 and arrived within 3 days, far quicker than BFPO and i was able to track from dispatch to delivery, complete with SMS when delivery was due.

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