Is it just me or is anything to do with post in the Army rubbish?

Yes, I understand that, on Ops, post (except Mess Bills) can take longer to get to us (postal ballots, parcels from home etc) and the Postal And Courier service do a cracking job as do the Clerks in War/Ops.

However, in camp, surely it should be as easy as collecting it from the Royal Mail sorting office/off their van/garrison post room. But no, post takes weeks to get to you, if at all. A regt appointment of Post NCO is given but they are never open and appear to have no control of it at all. If anything involves anything else, then it is gone for good, only to return a few months down the line after sitting in random room gathering dust.

The worst, however, is internal mail as this involves someone else other than the Post NCO - CLERKS! First they have to pick it up fom the Coy/Bty/Sqn offices, take it to the Registry and sort it. They then have to pick up post in the Coy/Bty/Sqn in tray, take it to the Office and sort - this could be done in conjuncton with a visit to the Post Room.

However, this never happens. Important docs are sent to the wrong Coy/Bty/Sqn, which may get to you or may gather dust in said room for months or are lost completely. It's ARRSE and with the introduction of JPA, the number of clerks will decrease and post/internal mail will never get picked up.

The solution - get civis in to do it. They will be effective and be useful. And, in the long run, will cost the Army less and will employ local people. Good for the Army, good for the local community.

However, the internal post is a great excuse for not having done work ("I never got the note/letter/order to do some work etc"). DII will destroy this - bugger!


If the situation regarding internal mail really is a bad as you say I suggest you have a word with your RAOWO who should be able to sort!! It's not rocket science!!

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