Post Your Desktop

You could scale down the image a bit....

Anyway, my current d/top below - it's set to change every hour ....

For those who want to but don't know how, also good to know for uploading any image onto the forum:

Screen shot your wallpaper-The button is to the right of F12.
Then go to paint and press (at the same time Ctrl and V) Ctrl is bottom left
Then save the file
Then go to
Click the "Browse" button.
Select the file you saved, click OK.
Then Click 'Upload Now'
Then Copy the code below 'IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards'
Then go to the forum and press Ctrl V (or Select Edit-Paste
Then submit your post.

Looks kinda long there but its not.
^ In addition to the print screen route, those on Vista can also use the Snipping Tool (one of the best bits about the new O/S).

I have it 'stuck-on' my start menu, but is normally found in the Accessories folder on start menu.
SparkySteve said:

Extra point for anyone who can tell me where that is
High Force - waterfall, on the R. Tees, I think.
Terryw said:
As the title says really.
Post a screenshot of your desktop image (wallpaper).

Here is mine at the moment:

Bit Torrent and Daemon much downloading of *cough* trial *cough* software then?
SparkySteve said:
Pompey_Jock said:
HIGH Force - waterfall, on the R. Tee, I think.
Either that or the other one!
Cheers Pompey_Jock

Had only been there once..... and it was years ago....

since checked it, and it is High Force. :thumright:

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