Post war British armour projects: help.

In the late 40's early 50's Vickers produced a series of prototype vehicles/designs, and I'm looking for data on them. Frankly I'm stuck and out of ideas. I've tried the usual suspects of Bovington, Imperial War Museum, National records office and BAE systems (They ignored me, possibly because I wasn't a dictator wanting to murder large chunks of my population...).
I've tracked down the paper work from Vickers, and am trying to get access to them, but they're spread all over the Midlands, and the holders are none to fast at responding.
Yes, I've also tried google and I'm aware of the appropriate websites, such as the Henk and Arcane AFV's sites.

The AFV's I'm looking for are the FV-300 series.
FV300 Series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The one's I'm most interested in are the FV301/A-46 light tank, and the FV-304/FV-303 (They both look identical apart from the weapon, so Find the details about one you'll get the info about the other.

Has anyone bumped into references for them? If so can you point me in that direction please? Any ideas, books or sources to try?


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