Post virus blues

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by theblindking, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. Arssers,

    Got a virus a few months back, and I've managed to sort out most of the problems but:

    a) I no longer have a C: Drive folder anywhere.
    b) My "task manager" has been disabled therefore the old ctl+alt+delete no onger works.

    Any Ideas?

    edited to add: I'm running XP
  2. To be honest, if you are sure that your system is clean, attach an external hard drive and save everything you want to save. Then start again. Re-building a damaged installation of windows is really more hassle than its worth. Get your info off and re-install mate.
  3. The virus might have added a "DisableTskMgr" key to your Registry.

    Run RegEdit and search for this key "DisableTskMgr" and then delete the entire key.

    (Usual disclaimer, back-up your Registry first, do not try if you are unfamiliar with using RegEdit, etc.)
  4. Boney & Psy, cheers.
  5. Psy; The sneaky little fuck3r has also disabled my registry editor.
  6. The virus you had wasn't called "Brontok" was it? A tricky little blighter by all accounts.

    First off you will need to re-start Windows in safe mode (hit F8 on boot).

    I think at that point you should be able to get access to the Registry again. If so, search for and delete this key "DisableRegistryTools".

    If you can't access the Registry in safe mode then you will need to to start up in "Safe mode with command prompt" and use the command line to delete keys from the Registry.