Post viral fatigue syndrome/ ME

The 60p injection that can boost your flagging energy | Mail Online

Don't know if anyone else on here is suffering from this, I saw an article on TV about this Indian doctor about 6 years ago.

It hit me about 12 years ago, and I started to take the 1,000 unit caplets of B12 and it's made a big difference, but nowhere near 100% recovery, must try to find out if the shots are any better.

My doctor has maintained all along that I don't have it..... but if it has a beak and quacks... it's a duck.

If you have the condition and the doc's won't help.... it's worth a punt.


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Oh please God no. Years ago loads of GP's used to prescribe this to the elderly as a 'tonic' with no clinical reason.
We did get the occasional acutely psychotic person that did have pernicious anaemia which is why we did a lot of blood tests on psychiatric wards.
I discharged 'God and the Antichrist' lady home after injecting her. I also recall a toxic confusional 'Jesus' who was cured after an enema.
Praise be.
Vinnie, no way have I got or had ME, but in 1989 I got something like a dreadful case of food poisoning in Portugal.

When I got back all the major symptoms had gone but my crap was still looser than normal. I went to the sickbay, gave the scablifter a sample and went back to work.

That evening I tried to jog the 2 miles home from the barracks.
I didn't get 200 metres from the camp gate and to be honest, I doubted that I was going to get back to the Guardroom. The only way to describe how I felt was "totally empty". I was utterly drained, I was having trouble deciding to carry on home or go back for the duty wheels.

More honesty, I was a bit scared as well, I thought there was something terribly wrong with me.

Anyway, the doctor at sickparade the next day told me he reckoned I had Post Viral Syndrome.

I had to start a fizz and diet regime to rebuild my fitness from zero. It felt like less than zero but I don't want to exaggerate.

It took about 4 months, slow at first but the recovery rate got faster the more I improved.

I never had a second opinion or follow up medicals but that's my experience of PVS.

I can't imagine 12 years of what I felt like, good luck, mate. ;-)


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ME or CFS AKA Yuppie Flu was first Diagnosed in 1751 !! During the first world war over 20,000 servicemen were treated for it .
Only recently had it been reclassified from a PSYCHIATRIC to A Medical Condition . Many GP;S still regards cheer up and buy a new suit as being the cure . There are trials currently under way to discover if ME can be spotted in the blood . The illness has a menu of some 12 symptoms not all patients have all of these 12 symptoms, not all patents have the same symptoms.

It appears to only affect people who are highly energetic or in high;y motivated jobs , also there appears to be some relationship to folks who have had Glandular fever at some time . MS has been picked up in ME sufferers apparently you might get very very mild MS up two two times before it takes hold . Action for ME are the folks to turn to if you need help and advice .

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