Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!

Was anyone listening to Radio 2 on Wednesday when they were talking about PTSD?

Did you happen to catch the dude from the Second World War ripping into the stabs for putting compo claims in?

Stabs like that give decent stabs a bad name! If you can't hack it then don't sign up!
The claims are not because the troops involved are getting PTSD, it is because the MOD is failing to recognise or adequately treat a recognised and perfectly honorable wound. If someone was shot, you would expect a shell dressing wouldn't you? I hope you are not a REAL Dr, I'd hate to find myself needing your services.
Don't get me wrong, if someone has genuinely gone through traumatic events and has witnessed actual acts of war then they should be taken seriously but what I'm against is people who have been staring at the top end of a broomstick for 6 months and they want to put in!
Don't feed it! Have a look at the Front Page News thread - we WILL be targetted by journos and all manner of loonies over the next week or so - it always happens...

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