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My pay was.....

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Hi all,

I finally got T.O.S by my new unit on August the 2nd and ever since my pay has been much lower than it should be.

To compound this my daily rate has gone down from my previous daily rate to the tune of £3.50 and my travel claim is bolloxed too....

I've already faxed the Pay Sgt and brought it up but the process seems to take ages with a lot of leg work for myself when this shouldn't have happened in the first place.

is this a regular occurrence and what action should I take ?

Bloody Glasgow! :evil:


War Hero
If I ever get my pay I'll let you know :evil: :evil: :evil:
It's not really a great deal to do with Glasgow!!

It depends on how good the admin staff in the losing unit (mostly) and the receiving unit are. In my case there was no difference in how or when I got paid, and I've only just moved units. :)
Never had a problem with pay after transfers (most of these were pre pay 2000).
Have you stayed in the same trade? (You haven't gone from a high to low pay band trade?)

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