Post-service success stories wanted for Army campaign

Hi, apologies for using the forum to reach out - and I'm entirely sure where this post would best belong - but Twofour (an award-winning TV and digital content company - are currently working on an exciting new project for the Army which involves showcasing and celebrating accomplished ex-army personnel and/or current reserves.

We are looking for a range of people from different backgrounds who feel that their experiences in the forces has helped them go on to achieve success in their civilian life since leaving the force (or alongside their service as a reservist). This is for an Army recruitment campaign online, with the possibility of also featuring in print, which will consist of written case studies and photographs telling a number of diverse stories.

Perhaps you've started a business which utilises the knowledge and skills you've learnt or landed a role which greatly benefits from your experience. Maybe you've written a book or done something amazing for charity. Whatever it is, it'd be good to hear from you.

If you or someone you know might be interested in taking part, please don't hesitate to contact me with a little introduction to yourself and your story, along with a photograph if possible (although by no means would this be the one used in the campaign!). I can be reached via email at

I look forward to hearing from you!


War Hero
Left the Army just under 12 years ago. I'm now a Group Quality Manager for an Oil & Gas Valve Manufacturer. I feel the 14 years I spent in green certainly helped. You're normally looking at 20 plus years for the position.
Walked out the gate on a Friday started work on a Monday doing a trade totally different from what I'd done via my re-settlement course still in employment in the telecoms industry 16yrs after doing it and had opportunities to do all sorts of stuff from hands on to project management.
For every serviceman/woman who end up at the end of their tether so to speak, I suspect that there are a hundred who have made successfull careers after their time in HM Forces. Went to a reunion in UK last month and most of the 150 attendees have been high achievers in their respective civillian fields including 2 from the ranks who are reportedly self-made company owning millionaires. Admittedly, a disproportionate number also gained commissions [Majors/Colonels] from the ranks before entering civvy street, it being a 'speshul' unit.