Post-Selection. Grade change?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Falortah, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. So I have posted before that I passed selection with a C grade and I attended a fitness course that the army runs every month and after two and a half hours of training he told us that we are still be grading on everything I do.

    I was just wandering if anyone could help me with this because I asked what he meant by it but he never replied to me.

    If I keep going every month and showing them my fitness has improved vastly, will it put my grade up?

    I've searched over the forums and this doesn't seem to be posted so I thought that it would be okay to post it.
  2. How did you manage a C grade with 9:34??
  3. Your grade is an overall grade, not just run time
  4. Hiya What areyou in for then
  5. Sorry what are you going in for then at AFC ????
  6. My recruiting office said that you categorically couldn't make your grade go up until a year after you'd done adsc (at which point you'd take it again). Whether or not you can make your grade go down... I don't know.
  7. @ Walton94 - I am going in for Infantry at ITC Catterick.

    @ Unfolded - Thats what I was confused about, I went in yesterday and just missed him (I managed to get into the office just as they were shutting) I was wanting to see if he would reply to me this time, as far as I was aware like you said, had to wait till your certificate ran out before you could attend ADSC again or if your recruiter could get you a placement before hand.

    If I am still being graded and it is possible to change my grade, that would be easier, I received a letter today I am being put into the Territorial Army (with a 24 hour change period to regular service if my date comes up) to get some experience behind me so I get the feel but told to keep an open mind because they supposedly do it differently and they want me to try get a tour off of the TA because I would then have combat experience and that would jump me up the list?

    If I have to wait a whole year to resit ADSC I think I will be rather cheesed at the fact I waited a whole year and then I could go back down and then could possibly end up getting a C grade once more meaning I would wait longer. - Just my opinion though.