Post Scriptum (WW2 multiplayer shooter)

Haven't played it myself, but I've watched more than a few streamers on play it and although it has some minor bugs in it (which the developers are working on constantly) - it does indeed look like it could be a game with a hell of a lot of potential.

The game is out on Steam in early access, which for those who don't know means that its liable to changes, will have many bugs and will only be available when the developers open up the server(s) for buyers to play test their latest build - just so you guys are aware before you decide to purchase.
Played last time they did public testing, I liked it. Bit slower paced than normal FPS. I found it difficult to spot the enemy and would frequently die without seeing who shot me. Need to get a headset so I can communicate with team mates
Well this was supposed to be released over the weekend but it has been pushed back into August now, hopefully they're ironing any bugs out and it'll be worth the wait.
I've played this a few times over the last week and whilst a bit rough around the edges and needing a lot of updates to sort some annoying issues out (like tanks being unable to drive straight over garden fences and the like) there is a solid game in there. The community so far seems to be made up of people who take this kind of game quite seriously so squad tactics and following/giving orders is a priority to succeed. There are no scoped weapons barring the one sniper slot allocated to each section so everyone else is authentically on iron sights, so engagements are generally quite close range. One shot will kill you so using cover and not running around in open ground is essential.
The last game I played I joined an armoured section and found myself as the gunner in a Panzer IV, it's not like Battlefield, it requires a lot of chatter over the mic with the commander and driver to make it work and reminded me a lot of vehicle crew exercises in the VBS suite at Catterick.
Graphically the soldier and vehicle models are fantastic, but the environments could do with a bit of work in places (still looks good though), and hopefully they will bring some kind of environmental destruction in as currently you can't level buildings or flatten trees. They are only a very small team who have built the game so I'm prepared to cut them some slack to bring more features and improvements in over time. The sound effects and explosions are awesome!

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