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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by klain, May 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I may possibly join the TA and I'm very interested in the sappers.

    I've searched through this forum using the search tool and Google and decided to post as I couldn't find anything that would answer my question...

    My question is what sort of careers are Royal Engineers most suited to in civvy street?

    Many Thanks,

  2. They're particularly good at being professional chaperones because you can trust them with your daughter, wife or even mother.

    They're also good heading or working within financial institutions because you can trust them with other people's money.

    As good organisers, they'd be ideal for organising piss ups in breweries, but I wouldn't trust one behind a bar.

    Are you really asking what civvy careers are most suited to the RE(V) or are you looking to gain a civvy qualifications from a stint as a TA Sapper?
  3. If the former it doesnt matter you dont need any specialist civvy skillset to join, although if you have a civvy trade it will be used. If the latter aim for a driver/POM PID. Rest of Puttees post raised a chuckle.
  4. ...depending on what unit you join. If you're looking at joining the RE(V) unit just down the road then, as sundance says, it doesn't matter because you'll be taught what you need. If you're joining a Specialist Team, your skillset is important, though there are some openings for people without qualifications to act as enablers.

  5. Thanks for the quick response...

    I'm really thinking about the transferable skills and how they are useful in civvy street, but equally I'm interested in what others have don't once they've left the TA/Army and what doors it opens.
    I imagine there is a great demand for project management and building services.

    I'm hoping to get a degree before I join, then join as a soldier and then maybe become an officer I'm not really in it for any more qualifications other than those that are required by the job.

    Note: Even though I would hopefully have the qualifications to join as an officer I'd rather learn to be a soldier for a while to have a better idea of the job to lead to better managing in the future - possibly.
  6. If you're going to contradict yourself, it's best to do it in separate threads.

    Make yourself a cup of tea, compose yourself, write down a list of where you want to be in 5 years time and what you need to get there. Then come back and ask the question again. At the moment it looks as though you've got lots of ideas spinning through your mind but you haven't really thought any of them through.
  7. mmm..looks like he has every qualification to be a sapper - he has already got the hang of hurry up and wait without thinking anything through!!!
  8. Not to burst your bubble but the regular and TA RE are very different beasts when it comes to trades. The RE trades you see on the Army website (brickie, HVAC, chippy, plumber etc) are A trades as a TA sapper youll only be trained in a B trade (ME combat, Driver, Plant Op, or C3S). The only trades among those that will net you genuine civvy quals are Plant Op and driver, which will get you licences. If you bring in a civvy trade it will be put to use on MACC tasks etc, but you will not be trained in one by RE(V).

    Officer route you'll do your Troopys course, RECCSA, Watermanship Safety, and DSO (Demolitions). Which, bar the RECCSA wont net you any specific civvy quals. RECCSA gets you a civvy site safety management qualification that stays valid for (I think) 3 years.

    These are also available to NCOs as they move up the ranks. There may be scope for a civvy water safety qualification but you'd need a pretty compelling arguement to get onto the course as TA. My unit for example only need WSO(B)'s the most basic level for the training we are likely to carry out, and therefore will only send people on the WSO(B) course.

    There are any number of courses available that do award civilian equivelant quaifications but these tend to be all arms things like Hazmat, first aid etc.

    What you will pick up is the ability to work as part of a team, sometimes in less than favourable conditions, think outside the box, and depending on how you progress a certain amount of leadership.

    Im sure someone else will be along in a minute to add to that or correct me if necessary, Im combat and have no idea what those sneaky sigs types get up to in their broom cupboard.
  9. When I said transferable skills I was thinking more of hands on experience that could be used in another job, not really qualifications as such.
  10. SaBRE...

    Do you recall the scene in Private Benjamin where she has an interview with the Army recruiter?

    Why not join SaBRE? Then you'd gain transferable skills that you could use as an estate agent or a second hand car salesman.
  11. whatever we turn our minds to is the CORRECT answer klain.
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