Post Sandhurst/Pre Troop Leaders Course

Whats the drill? How much time do you get before TLC/PLC etc? I've got friends who have had to join their regiment the Monday after Passing Out but is that a regular occurrence or not?

Also, any info on Married Quarters at Bovington for those on their Troop Leaders Course?

Thanks in advance.
You normally get a few weeks, but it does depend on what your unit wants you to do. I would be really surprised if you are eligible for a MQ as your course is not long enough. Someone else may know more on this one but normally the course has to be at least 7 months - its one of the reasons that ICSC(L) was made so long as to allow accompanied service.
ICSC is so long to alow accompanied service? Or do you need to know everything you are taught? I doubt they'd stretch a course just to allow families to move house.

There weren't any MQs for RA YOs, as MQs are always in short supply. Equally, we had a couple of weeks between Sandhurst and YOs, but I was January course, finishing at Christmas.
It was one of the stated objectives for the course when they 'created' it - to ensure that students would be entitled to a MQ if they wanted.
The key point here is that SFA is not usually granted for students on Phase 1 or Phase 2 courses, rarely for Phase 3 courses, unless they are of a particular length. There is no entitlememnt for an SFA at any YO/SAA course.

You would be entitled to a SFA at your parent unit for the duration of the course. The difficulty, of course, for people joining certain parts of the Army is that they don't know which unit they are posted to when they start the YOs' course. If you are able to work that out with your regimental representative at RMAS once you have been selected, then that is your best bet.
Officers are not entitled to SFA during their Tp Ldrs courses (or indeed PCD, etc.)

In reality I suspect that there has never been a married YO on the RAC Tp Ldrs course before (unless any LEs have done it). Most (possibly all) teeth arms regiments/battalions insist that their new officers live in the mess for their first few years (and with good reason).
Hi there, I have my main board in a few weeks and have the RAC down as my first choice looking at armored. Was just wondering if any of you could provide a brief overview of training after you leave Sandhurst as an RAC Officer. Such as the troop leaders course.

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