POst removed. Ignore.

Oh sod it.

I stumbled across a rumour doing the rounds over at Guido's blog. Apparently, allegedly, supposedly, possibly, Peter Mandelson was spotted in Marakesh with a 'young boy'.

Apparently the Dark Lord is in Marakesh, this tip-off has just arrived in the inbox:

My sister just txted me from Marakesh. Mandy spotted with a young boy. Unfortunately she is not politically nerdy enough to have followed up the spot so the trail is cold. Not much of a tip-off but it may be the start of a trail.
Now, Guido is playing with fire here. What will Mandelson's reaction be when he returns from his holiday? Of course, all of this is uncorroborated hearsay. However, watching Mandelson become the victim of a nonce hunt could be amusing. :twisted:
Uncorroborated hearsay has never stopped any of the red-top tabloids from holding their front pages, has it? I can see the headlines on the Sun now; IS MANDO A PAEDO? :D

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