Post registration Mental health training.

Does anyone know if the army provide a post registration course for personnel who wish to train as mental health nurses, who are already RGN(adult). If so is there any info on this ie armynet or something? Thanks all.
I got nothing definitive for you this evening, nurseyboy, but tomorrow I'll be in the company of CA Psych (Army) and I'll ask him what he knows.

Personally, (as an RGN/RMN) I've always felt you don't have the complete care package unless you've got both quals. If I ruled the world (the list of those who thank God daily that I don't just keeps on growing...)I'd make all nurses do both. Unfortunately, there's still a hard-core of RGN-only in the higher echelons of both your outfit and mine who think there's something decidedly unsavoury about us wierdo mental health nurses.

Nevertheless, there may well be opportunities out there so I'll do some digging.

Unless anyone else out there can beat me to it with up to date Grey Mafia thinking on the matter - Karabiner...?

I know at least one QA who is undergoing a conversion from Adult to Mental Health at the moment. Not many Universities do the year conversion but I know that Hull does. It is worth speaking to the new NEA when she assumes her post in the next few weeks.
Have you contacted the NEA? That is your best bet and drop karabiner a PM, he is the font of all knowledge.
Worth mentioning that I believe AMS are just about up to strength in terms of RMN slots. When I was on Herrick we spoke to quite a few soldiers from varying cap badges, all of whom wanted to transfer/do the conversion course/train to become RMNs. Quite pleasing to see in many ways.

You'd almost certainly do this at UCE/RCDM if you get on.
Awesome, thanks for the input everyone. I'll dig further!
I heard that the post reg mental health course is now 2 years long! Am I mistaken?

Whats this about having to go to UNIs other then UCE/BCU?

Im an RN(A) what quals and experience do I need to get loaded onto a course wherever it may be!

Placement, board and a chat to the NEW NEA are things I would expect to do! Anything else?

Im really keen to do mental health - its what I intended to do initially!

Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

I like the idea of being duel qualified! Holisitic!

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