Post Op Training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mediumwhiteamericano, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Morning, I am running a POSM week and need some ideas for briefing the troops. I've got the normal ones such as the medical side covered but could do with a few suggestions or pointers. I am thinking of the charities who deal with PTSD etc? I am also keen not to bore the sh*t out of these guys who've spent the past 6 months getting their arrse kicked.

    So, any ideas - sensible ones as well as the more 'entertaining' much appreciated.

  2. I seriously can't believe you posted a thread with the words "Post Op" in.

    Speak to Old Baldy, and report to my office immediately.
  3. Speak to Legs, she knows all about Post Op Training.

    Sluggy any sign of the Argies yet????
  4. You're all killing me - no truly you are :D
  5. Might be irrelevant in your situation, but would there be any mileage from getting them to relate their own experiences to guys that weren't there?

    I'm not suggesting that it's just a lamp and sandbag session!

    We get semi-formal briefs from the lads themselves on what they did, how they did it, what they used / didn't use, what they learned, how much more phys they'd wished they'd done before PDT etc.

    As well as us crows picking up useful info, it's also a good opportunity to flag up any training gaps to the DS.
  6. Have a word. As Regt Vet for 49 Para, I have the Rockhoppers on QRF and the Upland Geese are formed up as I type.

    Coffee, you've shat this one haven't you?
  7. Stuffed like a kipper Sweet P
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    & bring beer. :D