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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by delbut, Aug 23, 2004.

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  1. some guys from my unit got sent out on a four month tour with the view to having 14 days potl when they got back. now they've been extended to 5 months but are'nt allowed any R&R and have been told they can only have an extra few days to compensate. this sounds like a big shafting from our regt? can anyone suggest some course of action to help them or at least clarify what they are entitled to? sounds to me like a large shafting from the hieracy!
  2. sounds like the same thing happening to my little bro in the RAF...currently in MPA on a 5 monther and been told he may loose his POTL to cover the fire shirkers.

    Cant think of any redress you may take as a course of action.

  3. As I remember it, and I stand to be corrected, R&R is a privilege which means you don't have to get it. Normal reason given as 'it is not conducive to the tempo of the operation', i.e. we can't afford to let you go.

    However, POTL is an entitlement, and they have to allow you to take it, although it does not have to be given immediately after a tour but as soon as practical after it. It accrues at a rate of 20 days per 6 month tour, or parts thereof, i.e. 3 months would get you 10 days POTL.

    This was the party line about 2 years ago. They should be able to insist on it!!
  4. At the risk of being accused of being a spotter you should refer to the 'Operational Welfare Support Policies Compendium' Edition 2 published 19 Mar 04 by SP Pol Strat.

    R&R = For a tour of over 4 months but less than 7 months one period of R&R is authorised. However, it is not an entitlement but is at the discretion of the Op Commander. For instance those on TELIC 1 had no R&R.

    POTL (Army) = One day of POTL for every 9 calander days deployed. POTL is to commence as soon as possible and no later than month after return from ops.
  5. thanks everyone for the info, turns out two of the det have asked for there papers to sign off in theatre as they say its ARRSE and had enough hoon and jacksons flying circus.
  6. If your in the place I think you are! The boss is trying to get the Regt to sort us out with a few days extra POTL instead of the R+R, as only the operators could get it and even then only a few of them, there's not enough out here to do it and definatly not enough techs or is ops.
  7. This shouldn't be a problem as the R&R can be taken at the end of the tour if authorised by the CO.